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Divine Twine

For the past several months I drive my sister to her singing/voice lessons which in the part of town that has a good amount of quaint small town locally owned businesses, right at the far end of old town. If I forget to bring something to read and the weather isn’t being user friendly, I always have the option of taking a nice stroll around the few city blocks and enjoying the sights, the smell and the whole “warm and fuzzy” feeling that one gets when walking in the part of town that is just reeking of history, generations after generations of families who worked so hard to make a name for them selves in town and have managed to hold onto their small piece of the world through the good times as well as the bad times.

One of my favorite shops is all about crafts with various twines and paper goods along with packaging and other interesting  baking tools and goods that today’s bakers can just go wild using on their baked goods! I have never been considered a good baker, but I’m not necessarily known for being the best either. I used to have a blast in the kitchen when my daughter was much younger and she actually wanted to spend time with me in the kitchen. Those days are long gone!

My all time favorite was to make and bake various types of Christmas cookies with her to give out to friends, neighbors, co workers and family members. We would even send a batch to school for her to give to her teacher as a holiday gift. We would use the recipe that my grandfather used from back in the day when he still lived in London as a boy. I have made sure that this recipe will never get lost and that it will forever be considered Grand Dad’s Special Christmas Cookies!

Fender Super Champ Guitar Amp

A very good friend of mine is an inspiring musician and had begun traveling around the US to inspire others with his beautiful music. He recently was given an Eastwood H44 Airline guitar by his Mother last Christmas and is playing it every time I talk or see him. He had brought to one of our mutual friends attention that he is having a financial crisis due to being laid off by his last job a few months back.

Being me I always want to bring a big smile on someones face when they are having hard times, so I thought Id do some investigating on exactly what more he needs to start his musician career besides his new guitar. I had found out from his sister that he has been searching around for a new amp to connect his guitar to, because apparently the one he had was in bad condition and didn’t work half the time, like it was supposed to. I took a few days to search around for one, and came across the best fender super champ xd that was within my budget at Guitar Center.

Super Champ

Fender Super Champ XD Guitar Combo Amp Blonde

I ordered it immediately, and my oh my – my friend was so surprised and so overwhelmed that he got an amp for his guitar. He had mentioned that he wanted this exact amp for quit some time now, just had a hard time gathering money up for it since he has no income. After some time of practicing more and more, he had what it took to become a Rockstar and started a band of his own. Today he is in LA, performing and inspiring many. I couldn’t be happier for him, and he constantly says he couldn’t have done it without the help of his Mother and I.

Auntie Is Coming

Since my daughter and I have to leave this Friday to head back home because her school’s Spring Break is finally over, I have been really freaking out with the thought that my folks still need someone around to look after them. My mother is insisting that they will be fine, but I’m not at all convinced that this is true, so I wish thrilled when my Aunt Becky phoned this morning to talk to me about her coming and staying with them in my absence for a while.

She won’t be able to get here before we leave but hopefully will arrive just a few days after, so with that said I can quit worrying about leaving my folks all alone and start worrying about other things, because worrying seems to be something that I am quite good at.

Our Wellness Center Offers Quite a Bit

My sister and I took a short tour of the community “Wellness Center” that neighbor one of us has ever been in before and didn’t really know what it was all about and what they have to offer folks. We were so surprised at to all the exercise equipment, saunas , heated pools and all types of classes that we were just drooling over, after they practically had to drag me away from the heated pool section. Good thing I didn’t have my swim suit with me or I would still be there!

dragonfly round silk zafu

round silk zafu by dragonfly

We have been wanting to start taking some yoga classes together and this just might be the way to go. The prices are reasonable and they most of the equipment that we would need, although I think I would prefer to bring my own mat and silk zafu from each time. I would feel safer that way. I really am turning into a germaphobic lately. And right now wilt all the various flu bugs that are hitting so many communities at such crazy rates, I have been stepped up my hand washing and hand sanitizer use, big time. They say that washing your hands is the best way to keep from spreading all those nasty germs, so I’m all over that.


The Gibson Flying V

The gibson flying v has an interesting history to tell. A story that I learned by looking around online at some various musical sites. This style of guitar went on the market in 1958 but made a major comeback in 1967 and has been kicking but in the music industry ever since.

I remember hearing about this Gibson Flying V back when I was a kid, but didn’t remember the details so finding the whole story today was pretty cool. Check out this sweet looking Gibson Flying V 120th Anniversary Electric Guitar Ebony that is going for a couple grand!

check it out

Gibson Flying V 120th Anniversary Electric Guitar Ebony