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Are you familiar with the hit television show Divorce Court’s, Judge Lynn Toler? I recently discovered that  is Judge Toler is also a writer and has written a good amount about both marriage and divorce, something that I would think she knows a lot about. In a recent magazine article, she has written about four particular signs that a marriage has hit the skids. I thought it was pretty interesting information for people to look out for.

  1. When the couple begins to live “around” one another rather than “with” one another. They have become completely disengaged from each other.
  2. There never seem to be small issues. Every little argument leads to an all out war.
  3. Arguments are not about issues anymore, all disagreements seem to end in personal attacks.
  4. One or the other “checked out.” When their life is lived elsewhere and their sense of satisfaction comes exclusively from things outside the marriage, which could be a mistress, their job or even a video game, it’s time to wave the white flag.

It’s a well-known fact that they make it way too easy to get married these days and then turn around and make it nearly impossible to get out of that marriage. These days the Internet is a very valuable tool for folks that are experiencing any sign that their marriage has hit the skids. There is a ton on information about divorce as well as a ton of lawyers out there, many that can be found online, that can help you during your time of marriage crisis.

My good friend Penny had to find a Lewisville divorce lawyer last year in which she turned to the Internet and Googled “Dallas family law” in a matter of minutes she came up with all she needed to know about the Plano divorce attorney that she ended up hiring and couldn’t be happier with the whole staff and the whole process that she needed help with. She is a much happier person now that all that is over and done with. We chat on Facebook at least once a week since she lives all the way down in Texas and neither one of us has the time or the money for such a trip that would take at least 2 days to complete, possibly 3 days, you never can tell when it involves Penny.


Takamine Jumbo Cutaway

The Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar that I just ordered online will arrive well before I need to get it ready for shipping out to my nephew in Arizona. This will be first summer that he will be spending in their new home, so many thousands of miles away from the rest of the family that has a traditional Memorial Day Weekend gathering.

I want to wrap it up nicely and ship it to him as soon as possible as to avoid having to rush at the last minute, as I usually do. It’s a good thing that this company doesn’t charge me the shipping and handling costs to get it here to me.

A nice looking piece of work, wouldn’t you say. Next on my list is going to be to find a good priced peavey classic 20 amp that will be able to blow the paint off of the walls!

natural flame maple

Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series Jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

A Monkish Cat

Just had to share this cat video that we found earlier today on YouTube while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. We are both cat lovers as well as avid fans of the hit TV show Monk that went off the air a few years back to the dismay of all of the Monk fans everywhere!

Anyway this hop scotch playing cat reminded us both of Monk which made the whole thing even funnier. I’m gonna miss my BFF come tomorrow afternoon when she has to hit the road back home again. It’s been such a hoot all the way around!



Joyce Myers on TV and YouTube

My mother watches Joyce Myers several times a day and has always wanted me to watch her as well which isn’t something that I’ve taken the time to do so up until I went up there with her a month ago. I have to admit that I like her style and the things that she talks about.

I’m not sure if she comes on and if so what time, but when I get back down to Tennessee I will certainly look her up and continue to watch and listen to this woman that is doing so much for so many people all over the world.

TV/VCR Combo

Times sure have changed in the way we watch our movies. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that DVDs started invading the shelves at our local BlockBusters. I remember thinking that it was going to be such a drag to have to learn about these strange looking round DVDs and some day possibly switching over from the VHS that we all had become so comfortable with for so long. Now I can’t image life without all these wonderful DVDs and having to rely on the old VCRs that really were a pain in the rear in so many ways.

I remember last year we didn’t have cable or satellite for a few days, so I had to drag out my old TV that is a combo TV/VCR and scrounge up a few old VHS tapes to play at night. Sadly I can’t go to sleep at night without the TV on. Anyway, when the movie was over it made so much noise with it’s self-rewinding and then automatically ejecting when the process was over which woke me up with such a start! Of course then I had to get another tape, which had not been rewound – I swear I don’t remember it taking that long to rewind a 2 hour tape. Needless to say that I didn’t get much sleep those two long nights, but I’m very glad that I had held onto that TV/VCR combo and a boxful of random old VHS tapes.

I have a huge selection of DVDs at this point. I really need to go through them all and weed out a bunch of them before they start taking over the house. I sure there are dozens that wouldn’t be missed by anyone and I could probably get a couple bucks for each of them. I think I’ll start looking at websites that can help me sell them. I’m not into putting them on eBay or Craigslist, but I know there are websites that are available specifically for DVDs, CDs and Video Games and the like. I could use the money for new movies. I can’t wait for the new Super Man to come out on DVD. I went and saw it at the theater over the weekend and it was awesome. In a few months I’ll be able to add it to my Super Man DVD collection.

combo is great

Panasonic PV-M2059 20″ 2-Head TV/VCR FM RADIO Combo