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The Marching Band

It seems like there are still plenty of marching band products out there that are made by Tama. I remember when I did a short stint in our Junior High School Marching Band, Tama was a brand that we heard about and used a lot.

I am currently looking for a decently priced sound activated lights to purchase for my cousin Rachael for 15th Birthday. March is right around the corner and will be here in a blink of an eye. She is a Freshman in their local high school and it looks like she is totally into it and I would like to help nurture that aspect of her life, if and when possible.

a good deal

An Affordable Chauvet Color Bank 4-Color Sound Activated Light

It’s amazing all of the goodies that you can find online for musicians these days. I could spend hours and hours looking at them all, so many of them I really haven’t a clue as to what they are much less how to use them! Makes me feel old saying that, sigh…

Take Your Family to a Place They’ll Never Forget

Have you always wanted to bring your family on a vacation that everyone would love to go on? Do you wish you could afford a few hotel rooms on top of the flights for each of your family members? Well instead of reserving several hotel rooms for everyone to stay in, why don’t you rent a kuta bali beachfront rental unit that everyone can stay in?

This is the perfect way to save some money, keep your loved ones together, and relax in a luxurious villa that will melt everyone’s stresses away. This is how your vacations should be instead of running up and down hotel hallways from one room to the next to visit your loved ones. Then you have to listen to several hundred other tourists do the same thing. Vacationing in a hotel room is not the ideal vacation for you and your family.

This vacation is a special trip for you and your loved ones if you have never flew outside of the United States before. Even though kuta bali is still one of the islands of Indonesia, you are still traveling to a tropical island. This can make it feel as though you are traveling to a foreign country. In a way, you are traveling to a foreign land because you won’t find the scenery and landscapes like these anywhere in the United States. There are so many different things you and your family members can take part in when you vacation to there. With miles of  sandy beaches that you can lay out in the sun on. With your own luxury villa rental unit, you can have your own private beach all to yourself so you don’t have to share it with any other tourists.

When you vacation to a tropical island, you’ll find there are many things you and your family can do during your stay. You can try your hand at surfing the waves, or you can go hiking or visit the local historical landmarks. You can also go boating and fishing if your family likes to fish. Other activities you can take part in include swimming, sunbathing, shopping, dancing, and much more. Great memories that your family will remember for a lifetime!

Goblins and Ghosts

Looking around downtown, it seems the adults have grabbed this weekend for Halloween parties. I have been seeing people wearing costumes every night since last Thursday night. It is fun. I just find it remarkable that a holiday for children is being celebrated so early in the week along with all the long 3-day weekend by adults. I guess wanting to dress up and act silly isn’t just for kids.

Barbie has come a long way

Today’s Trans Barbie

Auto and Diesel Repair

Back in the day, service stations were where you went to buy gasoline for your car, but they provided a lot of other car care services, too. For example, when you bought gas, they sent out an attendant to pump the gas for you and then check your oil and tires, wash your windshield, and other little maintenance issues. As we all are aware of, we now even have to prepay before we pump our own gas. And if you need anything else, you are on your own.

gas station attendent

The Good Old Days

If you needed car repairs, they had a full garage with at least 2 or 3 bays to work on your car. If you were friends with the mechanic, he would let you buy the parts yourself and he would help you put them on the car. My old Chevy work van has a heater and an air conditioner but neither are working, it has been getting really cold during the day and I need that heater to keep me from freezing. I survived the summer without the air conditioner, but keeping warm is a whole other story.

Considering I just purchased a new dishwasher a couple of months ago (right before Christmas) this is really going to be tight. The previous dishwasher was over 30 years old, she did a great job for so many years! It took a new dishwasher and a new dish washing detergent, to figure out how to eliminate the fishy smell that was driving me slowly up the wall the last year or so. With Dad being an avid fisher I had just had enough, budget or no budget.

Anyway, I don’t make a whole lot of money as a bartender laying  beers down, so coming up with large amounts of money always stressful. There is never a good time to have to dish out money on car repairs, but in November is just the worst time ever. I promised myself that I wouldn’t rely on any of my credit cards this next Christmas and I really wanted to make this a reality.

There are a good amount of car repair specialists in the area. I have always had good luck with Champs Family Automotive and it isn’t a long drive from here but it isn’t exactly right down the street. For a while they got to know me real good with all of the problems I was having with my last vehicle. They treated me like I like to be treated. Their ASE certified technicians didn’t treat me like I was a typical “stupid woman” and they were always in communication with me through all of the stages of the repairs, from start to finish.

It looks like I just might need to pay them another visit, when I can fit it into my already hectic lifestyle. Thank goodness for my father who will be driving his pick up truck there and back to pick it up when they are done with it. There is no way that I could afford a rental vehicle, even for just one day. With all the running around that I do as a working mom, with a kid that is always needing a ride everywhere, there is no way I can be without some kind of transportation.

I guess while my car is in there I should have them do an oil change and possibly a tune up. There hasn’t been enough time for me to have the proper maintenance that I normally would have done on a regular basis. I used to go to the local Jiffy Lube every 3 months, but the new owner and I didn’t see eye to eye on a few things and I swore I wouldn’t ever go back and I haven’t.

When my father was younger he would take care of most of the car repairs for me. He could work on just about anything, even diesels. But eventually he had to stop using so many tools because of the pain in his hands from arthritis. It hurts to see your father’s health start declining. He is a proud man. He has never even looked at another woman in all the eight years since my mother’s passing. For now we are taking care of one another in so many ways and he still spends a good amount of time fishing!

The New High School

Last weekend we took a tour of the new high school that my niece will be attending next year, her first year of high school, and the first year for this new high school. This county has needed a new high school for a good long while, and the kids that are going to be able to go to this new school are very excited and pleased with their good luck and fortune that brings them into the newest high school any where around for a good long while.

It was interesting to see how the kids school lockers look these days. They are small lockers but at least they are not stacked on top of each other, which I have always thought was a bad idea all the way around. It’s bad enough that the size of these steel lockers have been reduced to about half the size of the locker that I used back in my public school days. I’m just don’t see how today’s students are able to cram all the things that are needed in those small lockers. Especially in the winter months when you have so much more to wear, carry and store. But then we didn’t use back packs back then and that certainly has become a useful tool for them to use.