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Are you familiar with the hit television show Divorce Court’s, Judge Lynn Toler? I recently discovered that  is Judge Toler is also a writer and has written a good amount about both marriage and divorce, something that I would think she knows a lot about. In a recent magazine article, she has written about four particular signs that a marriage has hit the skids. I thought it was pretty interesting information for people to look out for.

  1. When the couple begins to live “around” one another rather than “with” one another. They have become completely disengaged from each other.
  2. There never seem to be small issues. Every little argument leads to an all out war.
  3. Arguments are not about issues anymore, all disagreements seem to end in personal attacks.
  4. One or the other “checked out.” When their life is lived elsewhere and their sense of satisfaction comes exclusively from things outside the marriage, which could be a mistress, their job or even a video game, it’s time to wave the white flag.

It’s a well-known fact that they make it way too easy to get married these days and then turn around and make it nearly impossible to get out of that marriage. These days the Internet is a very valuable tool for folks that are experiencing any sign that their marriage has hit the skids. There is a ton on information about divorce as well as a ton of lawyers out there, many that can be found online, that can help you during your time of marriage crisis.

My good friend Penny had to find a Lewisville divorce lawyer last year in which she turned to the Internet and Googled “Dallas family law” in a matter of minutes she came up with all she needed to know about the Plano divorce attorney that she ended up hiring and couldn’t be happier with the whole staff and the whole process that she needed help with. She is a much happier person now that all that is over and done with. We chat on Facebook at least once a week since she lives all the way down in Texas and neither one of us has the time or the money for such a trip that would take at least 2 days to complete, possibly 3 days, you never can tell when it involves Penny.


Apartment Mailboxes In Dire Straights

It seems to me that the landlord of the apartment buildings that are located right behind my house, would make sure that his tenants would have good working CBU Mailboxes that would keep their personal mail safe. It really bothers me to see these Cluster Mailboxes that are all broken or completely missing leaving these people at such a high risk for Identity Theft which just isn’t cool. People live in apartments to keep away from the cost of building a house and then everything it takes to keep it maintained year after year. A good and honest  building cost estimator can make or break a person when they are in this position. But that is a subject for another time on another blog post in the near future.

I am thinking of writing a letter to the landlord and the property management company and tell them that this is an issue that needs to be resolved and if it isn’t than I am willing to go straight to the Post Master General at our Post Office and file a complain on the conditions of these poor excuse for Apartment Mailboxes that needed to be fixed or replaced and the sooner the better.

apartment mailbox

Apartment Cluster Mailbox

Joyce Myers on TV and YouTube

My mother watches Joyce Myers several times a day and has always wanted me to watch her as well which isn’t something that I’ve taken the time to do so up until I went up there with her a month ago. I have to admit that I like her style and the things that she talks about.

I’m not sure if she comes on and if so what time, but when I get back down to Tennessee I will certainly look her up and continue to watch and listen to this woman that is doing so much for so many people all over the world.

Memories of Live Rock and Roll

Sis and I were talking about the “good old days” of live bands. When we were growing up there were the football games that we all made sure we attended. Even made it to most of the games that were “Away” games at the other school’s football fields on the cold and wet Friday nights and then there was the Saturday night dances that we absolutely loved going to! And would do anything to make sure we had the time and the money to go dance! They were a great way to show off your new dance clothes (back then we couldn’t wear any type of pants to school) the best outfit was a pair of low hip hugger jeans with the largest bell bottom that you could find, along with a shirt that we called a midriff, now a days they would call it a “belly shirt” but our midriffs actually looked nice, not just a shirt that is ripped and torn, looking all nasty.

Back then we always had live bands performing at our local dances, the concept of using a D.J. just wasn’t around until years after we all had graduated high school and had moved on in our adult lives. I remember going to a wedding of a long time family friend, but this time during the reception they had hired one of the few DJs which really blew me away. It was awesome to be able to go up to the DJ and request a song and nine times out of ten the DJ had the song and would play it. Where as with a live band we were very limited as to what they could and would play and sometimes they would really butcher a song, really ruining it and leaving a bad taste in the audiences mouth.

Now a days we have become so accustomed to having and using a talented DJ that having a live band is a very rare treat to enjoy for the evening. I believe that live bands are making a come back and I look forward to hearing and enjoying some live music for a change.

I was trying to think of a good phrase to post on Facebook to miss with a friend. He mentioned in one of his posts that he can’t dance. So I wanted to flippantly say, “A man who cannot dance is about as useless as . . . . ” but I couldn’t think of anything! I hate it when I know there is a word or phrase on the tip of my tongue but it just won’t come forth!

I searched on Google for the phrase and not much of anything come up in the search results. So I stepped away from the computer for a bit and cooked dinner. While I was cooking, I did get an idea of what to say. I finished the phrase with: “. . . an ashtray on a Harley.”

With two teenagers in the house, we have had our share of drama when the dreaded pimples appear. It always seems to be at the critical times, like right before a school dance or an important first date with that oh so cool guy.

I admit, Acne is not a life or death situation, but to a teenager, a breakout of acne can ruin their social life and after all, that’s what the teen years are all about.


Drama, Drama, Drama

I have so many cousins running around out there, all scattered all across the United States, not to many have stuck around the Virginia area at all. I have this one cousin who I became close with in my teen years because he played in a band, I used to go and listen and dance my heart out – this was in the 80’s, disco was in it’s peek and I loved it.

Anyway we have drifted apart, but have managed to keep in touch via email, but I haven’t heard from him in years so I was surprised to hear from him all of a sudden. Seems he just wanted to touch base with me, he had heard a song on the radio that reminded him of the days of when we took dance classes Glendale AZ and he thought of me.

He seems to be doing all right for himself, still not married even once, and I’m sure he is in his mid fifties, how odd, I don’t think he is gay, but one never knows, and I’m not asking. He is now living in Texas, close to where his folks ended up living after retirement, and just got a new job at a big Lumber company that produces a wide selection of treated wood products, such as pressure treated lumber for construction.

He sent me the website for Pacific Wood so I could see what the company is all about. It seems like a place that he will do well in, he used to work for a company like that when he lived in Winchester, Virginia. So I know he knows his wood, I just wonder if he still plays the drums, I’ll have to ask him next email.


We all know how important it is to conserve all of the energy sources that we have been relying on for so long. It’s all about being as GREEN as possible and I’m all for that. My sister and I were brought up to respect our Mother Earth, since our parents were active in the hippie movement back in the late 60’s. Our parents as well as all of their friends were total freaks about it so we got it honestly.

My sister has actually been talking about checking into buying a home energy audit franchise and has been taking some time talking with people that are knowledgeable in the home improvement business and looking at websites for contractors to see what else is out there in this area that she might end up being in competition with. If she decides to go ahead and proceed with this dream I would be interested in helping with the marketing home improvement business aspect of the whole thing since I have a marketing background that I’m sure I could help her with. And since I’ll have her back as well as our Mother Nature’s back I’ll have a vested interest in the whole thing. It could be fun as well as profitable.

Meanwhile It was good talking with my younger brother this morning on the phone, we do most of our communicating via email these past few years. It really does a person good sometimes to actually hear the voice of some one that you know and care about, and it had been too long since we’ve held any type of meaningful conversation.

Home improvement issues seem to be taking up most of his time and money, and he was full of stories that he was eager to share and bend my ear with, what with all the ups and downs that typically go along with this type of construction being done, while living in the house with a wife and kids. This is no easy task especially when you have little ones that demand so much of your time, energy and money.

I have heard some pretty incredibly horrible stories about how stressful this process can be on a marriage/relationship. There have been a few divorces taking place in situations like this. I know that our parents went through the same thing when we were all under the age of 6 and my mother was not a happy camper and almost left our Dad at one point because it was  just too much to handle for her at that time. Thank goodness it all worked out. It could have changed all of our lives forever and not in a positive way at all.

Currently he is doing a new search for tile roofs Phoenix contractor businesses and has turned to the Internet to make the search an easier and quicker task. He has found how important it is to get a fully licensed, qualified, insured professional contractor and not to rely on friends and family that are not suited for this type of work, in order to save a buck and keeping people’s feelings from being hurt. A good licensed and certified contractor is the only way to go.

It seems that has become his best friend for the time being, with free estimates to offer and a licensed, bonded and insured professional roofing contractor located in Peoria Arizona area, they handle roof replacement, repair, and maintenance. Here is an interesting video that they have posted on YouTube.

His wife and family are getting tired of all this construction that has only just begun. They had anticipated having most of the work completed and a new roof over their heads by the holiday season that is quickly approaching. We shall see if that deadline will be met, I’m hoping for his sake that it does. I can’t imagine how they would handle the holidays if things still were not completed or at least almost done. At least they live in an area that has decent weather in the winter months, with little chance of snow or any other type of precipitation that could and would ruin any attempt to have a family celebration at their place. His wife is a bit high strung as it is, she doesn’t handle stress very well at all.

I will keep both my brother and sister, along with their families in my prayers for the next couple of months.