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Web Hosting Is Turning Green

We all know how it is all the rage about being as “Green” as you can these days. I’m glad to say that I grew up with such wonderful parents that instilled a huge sense of commitment to our Mother Earth as far back as I can remember. My parents were hard-core hippies that never really grew out of it. This made it a pretty cool environment for us kids to grew up in, I can tell you that!

Recently I have been doing a bit of research online trying to find the best web hosting company that is all about being “Green” I was surprised to find that there are several out there. iPage, GreenGeeks, FatCow, SuperGreen and HostGator are some of the better known ones.

I am going to pass the word around to family and friends via email and Facebook of course to see if I can convince some of them to change to some of these Green webhostings. It shouldn’t be too difficult, people are turning to these types of concepts, I’m happy to say. There is a lot more to going “Green” then just recycling your trash each week, even though that is a great way to start!


We all know how important it is to conserve all of the energy sources that we have been relying on for so long. It’s all about being as GREEN as possible and I’m all for that. My sister and I were brought up to respect our Mother Earth, since our parents were active in the hippie movement back in the late 60’s. Our parents as well as all of their friends were total freaks about it so we got it honestly.

My sister has actually been talking about checking into buying a home energy audit franchise and has been taking some time talking with people that are knowledgeable in the home improvement business and looking at websites for contractors to see what else is out there in this area that she might end up being in competition with. If she decides to go ahead and proceed with this dream I would be interested in helping with the marketing home improvement business aspect of the whole thing since I have a marketing background that I’m sure I could help her with. And since I’ll have her back as well as our Mother Nature’s back I’ll have a vested interest in the whole thing. It could be fun as well as profitable.

Meanwhile It was good talking with my younger brother this morning on the phone, we do most of our communicating via email these past few years. It really does a person good sometimes to actually hear the voice of some one that you know and care about, and it had been too long since we’ve held any type of meaningful conversation.

Home improvement issues seem to be taking up most of his time and money, and he was full of stories that he was eager to share and bend my ear with, what with all the ups and downs that typically go along with this type of construction being done, while living in the house with a wife and kids. This is no easy task especially when you have little ones that demand so much of your time, energy and money.

I have heard some pretty incredibly horrible stories about how stressful this process can be on a marriage/relationship. There have been a few divorces taking place in situations like this. I know that our parents went through the same thing when we were all under the age of 6 and my mother was not a happy camper and almost left our Dad at one point because it was  just too much to handle for her at that time. Thank goodness it all worked out. It could have changed all of our lives forever and not in a positive way at all.

Currently he is doing a new search for tile roofs Phoenix contractor businesses and has turned to the Internet to make the search an easier and quicker task. He has found how important it is to get a fully licensed, qualified, insured professional contractor and not to rely on friends and family that are not suited for this type of work, in order to save a buck and keeping people’s feelings from being hurt. A good licensed and certified contractor is the only way to go.

It seems that has become his best friend for the time being, with free estimates to offer and a licensed, bonded and insured professional roofing contractor located in Peoria Arizona area, they handle roof replacement, repair, and maintenance. Here is an interesting video that they have posted on YouTube.

His wife and family are getting tired of all this construction that has only just begun. They had anticipated having most of the work completed and a new roof over their heads by the holiday season that is quickly approaching. We shall see if that deadline will be met, I’m hoping for his sake that it does. I can’t imagine how they would handle the holidays if things still were not completed or at least almost done. At least they live in an area that has decent weather in the winter months, with little chance of snow or any other type of precipitation that could and would ruin any attempt to have a family celebration at their place. His wife is a bit high strung as it is, she doesn’t handle stress very well at all.

I will keep both my brother and sister, along with their families in my prayers for the next couple of months.

What Kind of Frames do Energy Efficient Windows Come With?

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more energy-efficient – and save yourself a ton of money in utility bills at the same time – consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient models.

While new home construction typically involves the installation of these more innovative windows, older homes that still feature the original windows most certainly lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer – resulting in wasted energy and money.

But what exactly is it about these cost effective windows that makes them energy efficient? And what types of frames do they use?

There are a number of energy-efficient windows that come in a variety of framing materials, including the following.

Fiberglass – These frames are strong, low maintenance, and offer good insulation. They can be hollow or filled with foam insulation.

Vinyl – These frames offer excellent thermal insulation, and certain sections may be hollow or filled with foam insulation.

Aluminum – These frames typically have at least 15% of recycled materials, with a design that includes thermal breaks to lower the loss of conductive heat through the aluminum.

Composite – These frames are constructed out of a number of different materials that have been combined to create strong, well-insulated windows.

Equipping your home with energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to minimize energy loss in your home and drastically lower your monthly utility bills!

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Learning About Salmon

Salmon – the best fish to eat

As you might have been hearing, salmon is the cause of huge debate! Today’s salmon fishermen are criticizing the farmed variety for their polluting of our beautiful waters, as well as cross-breeding with other native wild salmon, and over all lowering the standard of this very popular and very healthy fish. On the other hand these salmon farmers defend their tasty product with a love and passion that few other farmers of any other animal in history can match.

Let there be no doubt in your mind that a spring-run salmon (the ones that make their journey upstream to breed each spring time) caught in the mouth of a river is by far the best fish to eat, no holds barred. It’s rich, delicate and distinctive. The problem is that there aren’t very many of them, and to protect their numbers we really need to decrease our consumption of them. Autumn run fish are in a totally different state, so far their stocks aren’t so threatened, while the farmed salmon are available all the year round, as well as providing the same taste all year-long.

I am not alone with the opinion of feeling that the fatty, greasy, flavorless quality of the average salmon fillet available in most UK supermarkets is not particularly pleasant to eat. ‘Organic’ salmon is so much better, and can be alright, but it’s no wonder supermarkets are experimenting with Alaskan and Pacific wild salmon (which is a totally different variety from the Atlantic salmon which is native to our Britain friends), although the carbon footprint of fish imported from the pacific is always a concern. With that said it’s best to only choose your salmon when it’s in season, which runs from October onwards, and then you can substitute the much-loved and popular sea-trout for salmon from the months of April through October.

The Internet and today’s cookbooks are coming out with some wonderful salmon recipes, and by now, this tasty fish has virtually been paired with every other ingredient under the sun. Beetroot seems to be the current partner of choice for salmon among today’s top chefs around the world – it seems that the contrast of salty fish and this earthy beetroot proving that in this case, opposites do attract. Smoked, the fish is wonderful in a terrine and believe me there is nothing quite like a marinated salmon recipe to get the BBQ going. So don’t just sit there, get out and get yourself some salmon for tonight’s dinner.

salmon and brocolli

A Truly Healthy Meal

It Starts With One Person

They are finally building a new playground down the street for the local kids to play on. They are just now putting down the bulk rubber mulch that is said to be long-lasting, very cost-effective, safe, as well as being very environment friendly.

Back in the year 2009 the Obama’s were all in the news when they had a playground installed at the White House for their girls and their friends and they (the Obama’s) made it a point to use this type of base for the playground surface. From what I’ve been reading is that these rubber granule products are being smartly recycled from the huge amount of unwanted scrap tires that we all discard from time to time, so there is no shortage for used rubber to recycle and use for such wonderful products such as these.

In a time that the environment is a very hot topic, it does my heart good to see companies coming up with great ideas like this in their effort to do their part in becoming as green as they can and still be able to make a decent enough profit for their efforts.

More and more companies are joining in the green movement, which just floats my boat. I was brought up by two parents that seemed to be left over from the tree hugging hippie days and they really taught and instilled a lot of ways for us to do a lot of things in order to protect our beloved Mother Earth before it was considered cool. It was just the right thing to do and I’m so proud to have been raised by them.