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This Year’s Tax Refund

This year’s tax refund check is basically all ready spent and accounted for, just waiting to see that it has been deposited into my bank and I’ll start writing checks and completing online purchases.

The first thing is one of the Swim Spas that I have been eyeballing for way too long now. I believe that I deserve it after a long hard day and/or night at work. Right now is a great time to buy one, what with all the sales and all going on right now.

Just look at this, this could be me:

spa pools

Sapphire SpaPools

Of course I’ll be picking up a couple of new Chick Feeders that I found and totally think will be perfect for what I’m looking for and it will make my dad happy as well. He has really been taken with the chickens that we bought him just a few months ago. It was Christmas time, but we didn’t give him the chickens as a present, we just new that he would get a charge out of them and we found a great deal. It worked like a charm, those chicks did. I haven’t seen him get that attached to any type of critter in so long.

My father was in the Steel Fabrication trade. He retired just three years ago and is going stir crazy. This was not the way he intended to spend his senior years. When my mother passed away it really took it’s toll on him, mentally and physically. He looks like he has aged a good ten years than he has, but has decided to pick himself up and get busy with all of the chores and tasks that are in dire need around the house and the yard.

When the weather finally warms up we are going to start getting the backyard ready for a garden. My mother always loved to garden, so it will be good to have the place looking and smelling the way she always worked so hard to do. She used to make sure that all the window boxes had fresh and well tended flowers and plants in them. All the neighbors agreed that our house and yard was the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood. It would be great to see the place looking like that again. It will take a lot of work, but well worth the time and effort.

A Backyard Inground Swimming Pool – Better Late Than Never

One thing that my father has been seriously considering is having an inground swimming pool put in the back yard. So we have been Goggling “inground swimming pools Columbus Ohio” to see what is being offered homeowners around the Columbus area. It’s been a real education, who know that there were so many options with so many price points to consider.

I would have killed to have a backyard inground swimming pool when we were growing up. Instead my parents insisted that that part of the backyard that would have been the perfect spot, was going to be used as a garden. The real kicker is that we all spent so much time in that darned garden, plowing, planting and weeding, and most of the produce that we actually got to use wasn’t stuff me and my siblings wanted to eat. All the cool stuff won’t grow in our area, sigh.

After two seasons of gardening, the garden area just became an overgrown mess. All of that wonderful yard space just going to waste. Once in a while one of us would suggest a pool, but it was no use. We didn’t understand all of the liability issues that would have come along with a pool back then with so many neighborhood kids utilizing it. And if we had a pool installed we would have to have a fence around it. That just wasn’t in the budget back then, but I’m glad that my Dad has finally come around with the idea.

I can’t wait to see what he actually decides upon. I have given him my two cents worth and now it’s time for him to make up his mind. His tax refund check should be deposited into his checking account any day now. This is a top priority on his list and I want to keep it that way.


Ever Growing Tax Refund Wish List

All of the paperwork is still in a mess that it will take to get this year’s taxes prepared and filed, but I can tell you that the list of items that I want to purchase with this year’s return is never ending. Funny how tax time comes right after the Christmas holidays, when people are still trying to gather and recuperate from their finances that they went crazy with.

Thank the good Lord that I actually get a pretty good sized refund each year, which has always been a great help with all the things that I need and some of the things that I want along the way.

My daughter is extremely adamant that she needs one of the Bean Bag Chairs that her BFF got for Christmas, so I think that I will go ahead and take care of that with part of my refund. Her birthday isn’t until Autumn and I don’t want to wait that long to get it for her. I found this Camo Designed Body Pillow Online and have all ready placed it on the website’s wish list. Just waiting.

Bean Bag Body

Body Pillow – Camo

I on the other hand really think that I need to look into some of the Garden Sheds that are available on line. Since we don’t have a garage, only a stupid little carport (one of the reasons I didn’t want to move here is because it didn’t come with a 2 car garage) a garden type shed would be a perfect solution, since we aren’t allowed to have a large storage type shed out back. Living in a house in a community that has rules and regulations that tell you what you can and can’t do on your own property just isn’t the type of place that I want to live at for any length of time. But it is what it is and I should be grateful for a rough over my head at this point.

Depending on the amount of the refund check I have also been looking at and finding some nice office desks that would work out so well in my home office. I’m so tired of this old wooden desk that was bought at a yard sale years ago, although I swear it looks more like it was picked up at the dump and brought back. The bottom drawer is broken and some of the knobs on the drawers are missing. I mean it does the job, but I really would like something more suited for today’s technology needs.

Guess I really need to start getting the paperwork together and buy the software that I need to file the darn taxes. It’s such a pain, but certainly worth the effort. I just need to get moving.

My Mother’s Green Thumb

It’s been a nice quiet calm day here today. The heatwave is over, a nice breeze is helping keep us cool and we may even have a thunder and lightening storm to sit on the porch and enjoy this evening, which is always something that we have always enjoyed doing together as a family.

The front porch is awesome. I have some awesome memories regarding this old porch that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Every house should have and utilize a nice sized, screened in, nicely decorated front porch. My mom has a lot of her plants out there that makes it a pleasure to be in as well, she has the best green thumb of anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure knowing and learning from. Right now she has a nice arrangement of orchids from Serenata that my brother and his new bride sent over last week for our mom that looks fabulous out there now that it has cooled off some.

Found My Local TruNatural Organic Lawn Care Service

If you know anything about me at all you would know that I am all about being and becoming as GREEN as possible in any way that I possibly can. I have switched my web hosting to one that is going GREEN and I have become the “Recycling Nazi” of the family and the neighborhood. I’ve made plenty of friends along the way with only a few people that try to avoid me because they don’t want to hear me get on my recycling soap box again!

I just found out that there is a TruNatural organic lawn care service in the area that I would love to have come out and discuss what they have to offer for our lawn care. I had heard of TruNatural but didn’t realize that there was one in our area until I found their website and did a search to see if there was one.

Their website was very interesting and easy to maneuver around and about on. I love their attitude and all that they stand for. And lord knows we need a lawn doctor around here like you wouldn’t believe. With everyone being so busy all the time, the yard has not been a priority but that has got to change. I miss spending some mornings and evenings out back and look forward to being able to do that again and soon.