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Tilling Gone Sour Today

Spent a good two hours getting the garden ready to till and when I went to dig out the tiller that I put in one of the out buildings last fall I wasn’t happy to see that some how it had fallen over on its side. Of course all of the gas had trickled out of the tank throughout the last few months and it was a total mess.

It really sucked that I couldn’t get it cleaned up and filled up and started up today in order to finish what I had set out to do today. But it was getting late and I still had dinner to fix, so it looks like tomorrow will be the day that I hopefully get the garden tilled and ready for planting. It is all ready the first week of April for goodness sakes.

garden tilling

Tilling the Garden



Flowers and Window Boxes

The house that I grew up in always had the most beautiful window boxes that my mother took such pride in taking care of. My mother had a green thumb that she really never had a lot of time to utilize back then since she worked full-time and had a house full of kids that required most of her time. So instead of her having a garden out back she took advantage of what a window box could bring to our home.

Every time I see flower boxes I think of my mother and that house that was filled with so much love and so many kids back then. A few years ago I went back to that old house and was pleased to see that who ever owns and lives in it now is still making sure that those window boxes are taken care of and filled with beautiful, colorful flowers for all the neighbors and folks that go by there to enjoy. That means a lot to me.

window boxes and so much more

What A Beautiful Welcome

Out With The Old, In With The New

Our first really nice warm day and I was thrilled to throw open all the windows and doors and let the warm breeze flow through my house. Nice weather makes me want to spend the day outside. We have fixed up our backyard over the years to have a nice little vegetable garden and a shaded, secluded sanctuary area with a wicker chair and table so I can curl up and read.

We have a trampoline for the kids – they love to run outside and jump on it, almost every day that the weather is at least 70 degrees. It is great exercise for them, but they just think it is fun.

This weekend I want to get a start on deep cleaning the living room and dining room. With us burning so many fires this year, there is dust and soot all over everything. I want to shampoo the carpets and maybe even move the furniture around to different spots.

Of course with the coming of the warmer weather we will be holding a couple of yard sales to help get rid of the old unwanted stuff to make room for the new stuff that always seems to make its way into the all ready over flowing house and garage. As I do my spring cleaning I’ll be making various piles intended to go to different places. Some stuff I will be donating to Good Will, some stuff we will put online to sell and then there will be the yard sale pile.

I have a lot of old music that I will be going through to see what needs to stay and what needs to go. There are several places online that take your old music and give you cash for it. Much like the “gold for cash” places that are so popular now-a-days.

This Year’s Tax Refund

This year’s tax refund check is basically all ready spent and accounted for, just waiting to see that it has been deposited into my bank and I’ll start writing checks and completing online purchases.

The first thing is one of the Swim Spas that I have been eyeballing for way too long now. I believe that I deserve it after a long hard day and/or night at work. Right now is a great time to buy one, what with all the sales and all going on right now.

Just look at this, this could be me:

spa pools

Sapphire SpaPools

Of course I’ll be picking up a couple of new Chick Feeders that I found and totally think will be perfect for what I’m looking for and it will make my dad happy as well. He has really been taken with the chickens that we bought him just a few months ago. It was Christmas time, but we didn’t give him the chickens as a present, we just new that he would get a charge out of them and we found a great deal. It worked like a charm, those chicks did. I haven’t seen him get that attached to any type of critter in so long.

My father was in the Steel Fabrication trade. He retired just three years ago and is going stir crazy. This was not the way he intended to spend his senior years. When my mother passed away it really took it’s toll on him, mentally and physically. He looks like he has aged a good ten years than he has, but has decided to pick himself up and get busy with all of the chores and tasks that are in dire need around the house and the yard.

When the weather finally warms up we are going to start getting the backyard ready for a garden. My mother always loved to garden, so it will be good to have the place looking and smelling the way she always worked so hard to do. She used to make sure that all the window boxes had fresh and well tended flowers and plants in them. All the neighbors agreed that our house and yard was the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood. It would be great to see the place looking like that again. It will take a lot of work, but well worth the time and effort.