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Have a Nice Christmas

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

I am exhausted and still have a handful of presents to wrap before I can go to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day. Looking forward to a few hours with my sister’s family and then a visit to the nursing home to share a nice dinner with my granny and my mom. The food is actually very good – and I don’t have to cook it or clean up afterward.

Then I will go to my brother’s house and hang out for a while with the whole fam damily. I always enjoy watching his kids play with their toys and games. They are so competitive but have learned to be good sports and are very generous with sharing their toys as well as their expertise on the different video games.

Divine Twine

For the past several months I drive my sister to her singing/voice lessons which in the part of town that has a good amount of quaint small town locally owned businesses, right at the far end of old town. If I forget to bring something to read and the weather isn’t being user friendly, I always have the option of taking a nice stroll around the few city blocks and enjoying the sights, the smell and the whole “warm and fuzzy” feeling that one gets when walking in the part of town that is just reeking of history, generations after generations of families who worked so hard to make a name for them selves in town and have managed to hold onto their small piece of the world through the good times as well as the bad times.

One of my favorite shops is all about crafts with various twines and paper goods along with packaging and other interesting¬† baking tools and goods that today’s bakers can just go wild using on their baked goods! I have never been considered a good baker, but I’m not necessarily known for being the best either. I used to have a blast in the kitchen when my daughter was much younger and she actually wanted to spend time with me in the kitchen. Those days are long gone!

My all time favorite was to make and bake various types of Christmas cookies with her to give out to friends, neighbors, co workers and family members. We would even send a batch to school for her to give to her teacher as a holiday gift. We would use the recipe that my grandfather used from back in the day when he still lived in London as a boy. I have made sure that this recipe will never get lost and that it will forever be considered Grand Dad’s Special Christmas Cookies!

Bought a Turkey Now What?

I’m not a great cook but I succumbed to intense peer pressure and bought a turkey at Publix today. I will cook a Thanksgiving dinner, with this turkey and all the traditional side dishes and even some desserts. I hope I can find some help with cooking instructions for this turkey on the internet. I wonder if Martha Stewart can cook a simple turkey or does it have to be all dressed up special with paper thingies on its legs? I’ll see if Martha can help.

My Starcracks Dealer

For a long time I only ordered one thing from Starbucks and only went there about once a week. I knew that I liked that one flavor and didn’t see any reason to risk $5 on a drink that I wouldn’t like. But after a while I found myself looking forward to going to Starbucks every day and started getting bored with the same old drink. So I took a chance and was surprised that I liked it. But I should not be going so often and I can’t help it.

There is no other place that tastes like Starbucks.

Love My Starbucks

Starbucks Fan

Auntie Is Coming

Since my daughter and I have to leave this Friday to head back home because her school’s Spring Break is finally over, I have been really freaking out with the thought that my folks still need someone around to look after them. My mother is insisting that they will be fine, but I’m not at all convinced that this is true, so I wish thrilled when my Aunt Becky phoned this morning to talk to me about her coming and staying with them in my absence for a while.

She won’t be able to get here before we leave but hopefully will arrive just a few days after, so with that said I can quit worrying about leaving my folks all alone and start worrying about other things, because worrying seems to be something that I am quite good at.