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Teaching The Teacher Online

From what I hearing the amount of people taking advantage of all the online degree programs that are being offered more and more these days for people, that for what ever reason, choose not to attend the regular/standard class room classes that most of us attended back in our formal education days.

My good friend Skip, I just recently found out, has always wanted to be a 7th grade teacher, not 6th grade nor a 8th grade, it has to be 7th grade, for reasons that he is keeping to himself at this point. And now that his kids are grown and out of the house and he and his wife split up, he is all about what HE wants and what He needs, and I think He is crazy! No not really, well maybe just a tad, it’s just that I never knew that he had always wanted to be a teacher. I know he is good with kids, but teaching them every day, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, ugh it makes my head hurt just thinking about be stuck in a classroom with 20 or 30 loud, wild and crazy teenaged kids! He really must be committed to this dream in order to be seriously talking about and checking out the online degree programs in pa teaching certification at this point in his life.

It seems that his sister is currently working on becoming a board certified behavior analyst with this particular online university and that has really helped him feel comfortable and what apparently has got him all fired up and ready to roll. Nothing like good old fashioned sibling rivalry to stir things up a bit, right?

I’m assuming that he has the money all ready saved up to take these courses, if not there is ample assistance for today’s students to aid in the cost involved in obtaining these degrees. But I’ll send him a few links that I have come up with, like the one which will take him to a Free Application For Federal Student Aid, it is the least I can do for the guy at this point. Don’t get me wrong here, I applaud anyone for wanting to go back to school, no matter how old they are, where they live or what they want to be “when I grow up” but some of their choices just baffle me.

Recording Hardware

I’ve been encouraged by my sister-in-law to look into the mac recording hardware that she sent a link to at musician’s friend that is on the market these days. We are desperate to find the perfect gift for my niece for her high school graduation gift for this up and coming big event that the whole family is looking forward to in May 2017.

Since they live so far away from me I really don’t know him very well and was really struggling to find something that he would really appreciate and enjoy from me. Luckily my sister-in-law sent me the perfect link to where I could find this product online since I have no clue when it comes to audio interface and that all technical stuff available today.
Once again, thank goodness for the Internet it certainly helped save my butt this time around. I will have this in the bag in plenty of time. Now I need to start focusing more on Christmas!

Back To School

School starts September 2nd, the Tuesday after Labor Day and there is much to be done for us both. A few things we have managed to take care of online. We ordered some really cute clothes for her that should be arriving here real soon.

We got most of the school supplies that we are sure are going to be needed. We won’t know what the rest is until we go to Back To School Night where we will get her schedule, meet her teachers and get the supply lists that hopefully will only have a few surprises on them that we aren’t all ready prepared with and for.

We also took care of the guitar parts needs so that she will have her martin om-28 acoustic guitar in best possible shape for her first year of guitar lessons in public school. She basically taught herself how to play and has had several people teach her a few things here and there but she has never had a formal class and is excited to be in a class that she will enjoy instead of one of the core classes that she finds so boring as well as challenging.


Takamine Jumbo Cutaway

The Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar that I just ordered online will arrive well before I need to get it ready for shipping out to my nephew in Arizona. This will be first summer that he will be spending in their new home, so many thousands of miles away from the rest of the family that has a traditional Memorial Day Weekend gathering.

I want to wrap it up nicely and ship it to him as soon as possible as to avoid having to rush at the last minute, as I usually do. It’s a good thing that this company doesn’t charge me the shipping and handling costs to get it here to me.

A nice looking piece of work, wouldn’t you say. Next on my list is going to be to find a good priced peavey classic 20 amp that will be able to blow the paint off of the walls!

natural flame maple

Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series Jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar


Each Wednesday morning my sister and I attend a small business networking meeting that is held at our local Country Cooking restaurant that starts at 8:00am, which is way too early for my taste. I am and always have been a night owl and I really don’t like getting up early and going anywhere that early, but we really get a lot out of those meetings and it gives her and I a chance to spend some good quality time together, I just wish that these meetings were at lunch time.

This Wednesday we are scheduled to have a guest speaker that will give a presentation and talk to us about how important small business marketing is and how to utilize and maximize local search engine optimization options that are so important in today’s world that is now all about the World Wide Web.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the local Yellow Pages isn’t the way to go these days. So many people think that just because they have a website that their website will bring them tons of customers but little do they realize that their website needs tender loving care and upkeep in order to bring in business. And we both want to learn what it will take in order to get our website in the best working condition possible.

Our brother, the computer geek, has taught us a few tricks of the trade but we really need to hear and talk with a professional in order to really get things going the right way for us. Times are hard and the right way to advertise is very important for business large and/or small. It should be an interesting morning that I guess I won’t mind too much getting up so early to attend this time around.