Monthly Archives: February 2018

Planning My Garden

I don’t have room for a large garden anymore.  Back in the day, we had a large garden space where we grew tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, green peppers, and lettuce. Oh, and hot peppers.   I miss having a yard that size and all of those fresh vegetables.  I loved plucking a spring onion from the earth and eating it on the spot.

These days I only have a small patio so I am researching container gardening.  Last year I saw that Walmart has pre-planted tomato pots with small trellises already in them.  The containers seemed small to me though, I’m not sure how they would work later in the season when the plants get bigger.   I like to grow tomatoes, and a few onions and cilantro.  I call this a salsa garden!

I’d really  like to have a herb garden too, but perhaps I can grow herbs inside on my kitchen window ledge.  I’d like some fresh basil and oregano for cooking.  If I can’t grow them indoors, I guess they would all fit inside one pot outside.  My patio is visible to others, I don’t want it to look too out of control.