Teaching The Teacher Online

From what I hearing the amount of people taking advantage of all the online degree programs that are being offered more and more these days for people, that for what ever reason, choose not to attend the regular/standard class room classes that most of us attended back in our formal education days.

My good friend Skip, I just recently found out, has always wanted to be a 7th grade teacher, not 6th grade nor a 8th grade, it has to be 7th grade, for reasons that he is keeping to himself at this point. And now that his kids are grown and out of the house and he and his wife split up, he is all about what HE wants and what He needs, and I think He is crazy! No not really, well maybe just a tad, it’s just that I never knew that he had always wanted to be a teacher. I know he is good with kids, but teaching them every day, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, ugh it makes my head hurt just thinking about be stuck in a classroom with 20 or 30 loud, wild and crazy teenaged kids! He really must be committed to this dream in order to be seriously talking about and checking out the online degree programs in pa teaching certification at this point in his life.

It seems that his sister is currently working on becoming a board certified behavior analyst with this particular online university and that has really helped him feel comfortable and what apparently has got him all fired up and ready to roll. Nothing like good old fashioned sibling rivalry to stir things up a bit, right?

I’m assuming that he has the money all ready saved up to take these courses, if not there is ample assistance for today’s students to aid in the cost involved in obtaining these degrees. But I’ll send him a few links that I have come up with, like the one http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ which will take him to a Free Application For Federal Student Aid, it is the least I can do for the guy at this point. Don’t get me wrong here, I applaud anyone for wanting to go back to school, no matter how old they are, where they live or what they want to be “when I grow up” but some of their choices just baffle me.

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