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6 Tips for Preventing Break-Ins

Home security is becoming increasingly important as burglaries become increasingly common. According to the FBI, more than two million homeowners suffer a break-in each year, and that amounts to a break-in every 13 seconds! If you don’t want to become part of these statistics, here are just six ways to protect your property from thieves.

1. Secure Your Second Story

Enterprising thieves won’t be put off by the height. In fact, some of the most successful cat burglars in history obtained their jewels by scaling to the upper levels of homes and buildings. Don’t forget to lock the balcony door before you go to bed.

2. Go for the Deadbolt

Deadbolts come in multiple varieties, including single, double and lockable thumb-turns, and they’re all much more efficient than simple “knob locks” found on the average door. If you’re serious about protecting your family and your real estate, invest in deadbolts for your doors.

3. Eliminate Dead Zones

Dead zones are the dark areas of your yard where thieves can sneak up to your house without being seen. Cut the shrubs; install flood lights; consider beefing up your external security with motion or vibration sensors. Criminals can’t steal your things if they can’t reach your home in the first place.

4. Hire an Alarm Monitoring Service

Alarm monitoring companies like Alarm Relay will watch over your property even when you aren’t there. In the event of a break-in, they’ll notify the authorities, contact you and also perform follow-up services to ensure the continued safety of your home.

5. Don’t Forget Your Windows

Windows are an easy access point for the modern thief, especially if they’re on the upper floors of your home. Make sure you’ve secured their latches before retiring for the night or leaving your house unoccupied during the day. If you’re extra concerned about safety, there are also special window locks you can buy to thwart robbers.

6. Join the Neighborhood Watch

If you already know you’ll be taking a vacation at the end of the year, make a point of joining the Neighborhood Watch several months in advance. This way you’ll have trusted friends to keep an eye on your home by the time you’re ready to go.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re worried about home security. At the end of the day, preparation is what matters most, so take precautions today to save yourself a catastrophe tomorrow.

Buck Fifty Movies

Usually I avoid the roads around the mall. The traffic is always very heavy and I hate to creep along with stop lights at every corner. But today I ended up driving through that area and I noticed that one of the big multi-screen movie theaters has switched from first run movies to the older movies and they reduced the ticket prices to a buck fifty. Now that’s a bargain and I might just start going out to the movies while we are here to catch some of the ones I missed the first time on the big screen.


It Starts With One Person

They are finally building a new playground down the street for the local kids to play on. They are just now putting down the bulk rubber mulch that is said to be long-lasting, very cost-effective, safe, as well as being very environment friendly.

Back in the year 2009 the Obama’s were all in the news when they had a playground installed at the White House for their girls and their friends and they (the Obama’s) made it a point to use this type of base for the playground surface. From what I’ve been reading is that these rubber granule products are being smartly recycled from the huge amount of unwanted scrap tires that we all discard from time to time, so there is no shortage for used rubber to recycle and use for such wonderful products such as these.

In a time that the environment is a very hot topic, it does my heart good to see companies coming up with great ideas like this in their effort to do their part in becoming as green as they can and still be able to make a decent enough profit for their efforts.

More and more companies are joining in the green movement, which just floats my boat. I was brought up by two parents that seemed to be left over from the tree hugging hippie days and they really taught and instilled a lot of ways for us to do a lot of things in order to protect our beloved Mother Earth before it was considered cool. It was just the right thing to do and I’m so proud to have been raised by them.


Don’t Give Up has so many horrible videos on it these days, but along with the bad there are still some good ones to be found. I’m speaking of videos other than music videos. I still love looking up songs that I hear on YouTube.

This particular video just really touched me and I wanted to post it here for you all to check out and pass along if you feel the need to.

Immigration Attorneys

A lot of people are very upset about the immigration problems that our country is dealing with. I have gotten into so many heated debates about this issue, it just blows me away how mean, cruel and selfish people are. We used to live in an area that was known as “Little Mexico”. Behind our backyard was an apartment complex that was and still is being run by a typical slumlord who doesn’t give a happy crap about anything or anyone. It broke my heart to see how he treated the Latino population who lived there.

My daughter got really close with another girl (Patricia) who lived in those apartments. She spent most of her time at our place because we had a great backyard and plenty of food to share with any and all of the neighborhood kids. Our house was the “safe house” in the neighborhood, there was always kids coming and going, we didn’t mind a bit, at least we knew that our daughter was safe at our place.

One day Patricia asked if her sister could come over as well. Of course we said yes, hence we got to know another child that lived in “Little Mexico” her name was Diana, she was a few years older that Patricia but played well considering the age difference. I can still remember Diana telling me that her family was here illegally and how she was so afraid for them. So much for a young girl to have to worry about. I promised her that I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I urged her to check out and share with her parents theĀ salt lake city, utah immigration attorneys that I had heard so much about. I’m not sure if she ever did. We ended up having to move in a short amount of time and we haven’t heard anything from them since we relocated. I can only pray that they are all o.k. and that these two little girls are able to live unafraid and enjoy their childhood like all the other kids have done.