Daily Archives: May 27, 2015

Come On and Take A Drink Dude

During my sister’s move into their new house, in the Indiana area, the door to their fridge (just the top freezer part) apparently fell off of the truck and now they are left without a refrigerator to use. I suggested that they look for appliance parts online, but only got a hard look from my brother-in-law who seems to think that they just need to buy a whole new refrigerator.

One thing for sure, they are going to need to contact a good Indianapolis Water Softener company to come out and help them with the hard water that is an issue to most of the Indiana population. They have become used to the water from this area, although many of us use some type of filter and/or softener since drinking more water is known to be so much better for you. This area isn’t exactly known for having the best water either. I know that I drink a lot more water, cutting back on the Pepsi and Sweet Iced Tea that I’ve grown up drinking tons and tons of.

good for the body

Good Old H2O

Anyway – all I can do is make a suggestion or two, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, as they say.