Daily Archives: May 24, 2015

Your Internet Presence

There are so many ways for a person to have a presence on the Internet. It used to be very important to have an email address, then an Instant Message account, and then a web site. But then blogging and social networking became popular and people are scrambling trying to find their blog site and blog platforms, and their social site accounts. Even the forward thinking businesses are trying to keep up, adding blogs to their web sites and creating social networking accounts.

I think that if you are trying to present yourself as a professional you should have a professional blog, not just one of the free ones. It does not cost much to buy a domain name and find a blog host. Almost anyone can get on the internet and find inexpensive blog hosting. It seems every time I turn around I am hearing about one blog or another. There is even a kids TV show called “A Dog With A Blog” that I will have to check out at some point in the near future. It might be entertaining or so goofy that I’ll turn the channel within the first five minutes. Next time I see it scrolling on the TV Guide I’ll be adventuress and see what it is all about.