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Metallic Cowhide Rugs – Add Some Luxury to Your Home

Decorating your home to make it your own takes a smart eye and original pieces of furnishings and home accessories. This includes the choices of such things as rugs which can enhance the feeling and overall look of the area. To really show off your elegant and sophisticated taste, a unique metallic cowhide rug will give any room a luster and visual interest that it needs to have a great luxurious room design.

Natural Beauty

Leather is a natural material, when processed properly, produces a high quality material that designers use in many different ways. The finished hide has a velvety feel and a soft appearance. When treated, the hide takes on the treatment method while retaining its original natural properties. The gentle beauty of these cowhide rugs enhances the metallic finish.


Designers use these metallic cow skin rugs in a number of applications throughout the home and living space. This luxurious rug will fit in great in a sports room to accommodate the team colors. The metallic gold cowhide rugs are great in front of a fireplace, reflecting all of the flickering light off of its surface. Metallic cowhide rugs are also great focal points when hung on a wall.


Cows are hardy and resilient animals and this includes their hides. Once they process the hide, it becomes a strong piece of material that can hold up to the toughest of treatments. This aspect makes cowhide a perfect candidate for a floor rug. The toughness of the hide ensures that these rugs will last for many years despite rugged wear.


Natural cowhides and metallic cowhide rugs have hypo-allergenic properties. The smooth finish of the rugs allows easy cleanup of accidental spills and messes. These rugs are the perfect addition to a kitchen or children’s snacking area. When used as a wall hanging, dusting and cleaning of the smooth surface is minimal.


A metallic cowhide rug is a great addition of superior style to any home design. The versatility of this rug allows the freedom to move it from room to room and utilize it in many different ways. On the floor, on the wall, or as a throw on an antique piece of furniture, owners and designers can place this metallic cow skin nearly anywhere. When it comes to having a lush and luxurious lifestyle, show off your superior taste with your own metallic cowhide rug.

Even the most discriminating of visitors and guests will not be able to overlook the beauty of your metallic cowhide. With an assortment of metallic finishes to choose from, there is certainly a cowhide rug that will “moooove” your design from functional to “fabulous.”