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Forgetting Something

Do you ever head to bed because it is “bedtime” and then you just lay in the bed staring at the ceiling because you are sure that you are forgetting something? Something that is important, you were supposed to do today but put it off for some reason, something you needed to stay out of trouble or remain in compliance or that you promised to another who is counting on you to do it?

Oh to be able to sleep like a baby once again. Yep, I’m dreaming…

baby sleeping nicely

To Sleep Like A Baby Once Again


Flowers and Window Boxes

The house that I grew up in always had the most beautiful window boxes that my mother took such pride in taking care of. My mother had a green thumb that she really never had a lot of time to utilize back then since she worked full-time and had a house full of kids that required most of her time. So instead of her having a garden out back she took advantage of what a window box could bring to our home.

Every time I see flower boxes I think of my mother and that house that was filled with so much love and so many kids back then. A few years ago I went back to that old house and was pleased to see that who ever owns and lives in it now is still making sure that those window boxes are taken care of and filled with beautiful, colorful flowers for all the neighbors and folks that go by there to enjoy. That means a lot to me.

window boxes and so much more

What A Beautiful Welcome

The New School Way To Find Furniture

If you are one of the lucky few who have excellent credit, money in the bank and a pre-approved loan from a bank or mortgage company, this may be the time to start shopping for a new home. There will always be a need for housing and people move for various reasons. If you are in the market for a new home, you will have a lot of homes from which to choose.

A cousin to the housing industry is the furniture industry. People who move into new homes often need or want to buy new furniture. When no one is buying or moving into new houses, the demand for new furniture also declines. So if you are in the market for new furniture, there are bargains to be found.

The old school way to save money on fine furniture was to hitch a trailer to your van and drive down to North Carolina to shop the furniture manufacturing outlet stores. The new school way is to use the internet to do your shopping.

There are some great websites that offer fine furniture at outlet prices. If you are in the market for Discount Furniture, check out some of best baker furniture prices online before hitching up a trailer to your SUV and heading to North Carolina.

A Generation Gap

One of the funniest movies I remember watching “back in the day” was the famous Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks. Last night while checking to see what was on the TV I saw that it was coming on and asked my daughter if she had ever seen it. Since she replied that she had not and had never heard of it I insisted that she watch it with me, promising that she would be totally entertained by this wacky western spoof that was so popular and talked about back then.

As most old movies go, it was a bit cornier than I remembered, but it was still funny as can be, unfortunately she didn’t chuckle out loud even once. Talk about a generation gap, sigh…..



Humidipaks To Tackle Moisture

The older I get the more I see how water damage can destroy things and end up costing us a whole lot of money. That is why I make sure I have plenty of humidipaks on hand to place in and around specific items and area in the house, upstairs and downstairs. I have been in many homes that when you walk into the basement you can just smell the moisture and mold growing in the air. Not a pleasant smell and to think of all of the things that are being damaged by it.

Having a dehumidifier is a great option, but they can suck up some major electricity to use all the time. And I hate having to empty the darned things every other day or so. Running up and down the stairs just isn’t my idea of a good time. One reason I made sure the laundry room was on the main level of this house. Too many years spent going up and down while carrying all the loads of laundry along with to deal with that nonsense any more than needed.

moisture sucks

Replacement Packets – 3 Pack C