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It’s All About SEO

As each of our small business grows and needs a separate identity we have decided use some of the SEO consulting services that makes it possible for small businesses to for themselves. Search Engine Optimization is the new process that enhances the web sites chance to rank highly in the search engines.

Any small business can use the search engine rank to build their business and to drive new customers to their website at little or no charge, just the time spent on the SEO. Using SEO consulting services to get the knowledge about Search Engine Optimization is simply good business. The finest feature about this process is it eliminates most of the negatives and pushes the positives to the forefront.

There isn’t much of the week left but before it is over I will check into what SEO consulting services are around here and see if they would have what my particular business needs and just what they think they can do for me. My website is the most important advertising that you can have these days and I need to keep it in best possible shape as possible and I just don’t have the knowledge to do it for myself so it’s time to bring the experts in.


It looks like I need to buy a new dehumidifier before we take off up north for the family holiday celebration. Our basement gets really damp and we just had the air conditioning guy come for the yearly maintenance check up and he found mold in the system. Just what I need right before our road trip. Usually I would find something like this online, but right now I don’t have the time, so it looks like tomorrow I’ll be checking out Walmart and Home Depot, arg…..


Today’s School Lockers

We all went to my nephew’s school play last Friday night. He has always enjoyed acting and has been in numerous productions through school, church and the local community little theatre. It has been interesting attending most of his performances, watching him grow up growing from grade school, through junior high and now high school. This is only his second year of high school so we have a few more years left to watch him evolve.

I always get a kick out of seeing all of the school lockers in the hallways of all of the schools that we have visited. Most have the standard locker look, just different shapes and sizes which has been interesting to witness. I really don’t remember much about our lockers in high school, but I do think that theses steel lockers are becoming smaller and smaller. I can’t believe that they expect these kids to put all of their winter clothing along with their books and other necessities.

The small locker size that I have been seeing are the size of what I remember my athletic locker to be for gym class. Ours were those old wooden lockers that were so popular in the standard locker rooms in schools back in the day. Do you remember the smell of those locker rooms, ugh……. These days they don’t even make the students shower after gym, that is just gross.

Positive Outlooks

When I was a kid, my mom used to tape a paper sign to the door of her bedroom that said just two letters: “T & I.”

The kids that T & I meant tired and irritable, and the sign meant to leave her alone unless it was a real emergency. A real emergency meant blood, not just a temper tantrum or can’t find a toy, etc. She usually only needed about 15 minutes – maybe 20 minutes, and then she would come out of her room smiling and back to being Supermom. I know it was hard coming home from a bad day at work and dealing with us kids by herself.

Sometimes I notice that I get tired and irritable and I make a big effort to take a few minutes to rest and clear my head of all the negative thoughts. I like having a positive outlook and thinking happy thoughts. So when I’m tempted to put up my own T&I sign, I know I need to Donate few minutes to myself.

Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value And Keep Cool

Increasing the value of your home and property is a common goal of home owners throughout the country. There are many complex variables that go into determining the value of your home. Among these variables are the condition of your home, amenities and style. These are the variables that you have direct control over. Other factors, such as your neighborhood and nearby properties, also come into play. This means that the best way to increase your home’s value is to ensure that the elements that you actually have control over are addressed and improved. This means that the most affordable ways to increase your home’s value are to renovate your home and repair any damage.

Home Improvement Projects to Increase Value

You don’t have to build an entirely new wing in order to increase the value of your home. Instead, you can simply complete a number of smaller projects that prospective future home buyers will appreciate. Home appraisers will also take these projects into account when projecting the value of your home. Below are some cheap projects you should consider undertaking:

  • Upgrade Your Staircase. While upgrading your staircase may seem like quite the investment, it is actually more affordable than it may seem. Begin your staircase renovation by doing some research online and brainstorm several designs for your future staircase. Once you have decided on a general design, you can even order your materials from that same website. Based on your level of experience, you may need to hire someone else to handle the actual construction of your new staircase. Otherwise, you will have all of the materials required to install your stairs.
  • Add a Hot Tub. Who doesn’t enjoy a dip in a hot tub? It’s a great way to relax at the end of the day, and something any prospective home buyer will appreciate it. Adding a hot tub to your home is actually a very affordable way to improve your home. As an added plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the hot tub until you decide to sell.
  • Invest in Expert Landscaping. The front yard is the first thing that most people notice about a property. Make sure that your front yard is expertly crafted and maintained. This will improve the property value of your home – and your neighbor’s properties.

 Invest Now in Home Renovation

While many people tend to view home renovations as an expense, start considering them as investments. You will reap the returns from your renovation when you decide to sell your property. You will also get to enjoy the improvements while you live in the house.

Of course making sure that your heating and air conditioning systems are in good working order is another way to make your home more appealing. No one wants to buy a house that doesn’t have a good heating and air condition system that is clean and working nicely. As hot as it gets around here in Arizona, no one would even consider moving into a house that isn’t nicely cooled off for the.

A good ac repair in Phoenix Az is Norris Air Inc. They can make sure that your heating and air conditioning won’t let you down when you need it most. It is best to take care of these needs when the weather isn’t being in an extreme mood. That is when a lot of people find out that they need a tech to come out and I can guarantee that that is when these good folks are the busiest and you might need to pay extra to get them to come out to your rescue. Spring and Fall are the best times to take care of these issues. Not when it is freezing outside or when the temperatures are in the 80’s, 90’s. or when they reach triple digits, as they can do in the middle of summer around here. It’s all in the timing, just like most things are. Something that I have had to learn the hard way and have finally figured out on my own.

Norris Air Inc has a great website. It is user friendly and easy to move around on, which is always a plus for so many folks these days. Not everyone is a wiz on the computer.

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