Daily Archives: November 28, 2014

Be Aware

A woman leaving a local gas station was approached by a woman asking frantically to use her phone to call for help, and then the woman tried to drive away with the phone. She actually ran over the poor woman who had tried to help. Here is what the police tell women in their safety class:

  • Don’t hand your cell phone to a person you don’t know. If someone needs to make an emergency call, you dial it, you talk to the person, and you keep the phone in your hands.
  • If someone you don’t know asks you for a ride, you don’t hand them the keys and let them drive. If someone threatens you and tries to carjack your car or abduct you, throw the keys away somewhere so far away that he has to leave you to look for them and you’ll have a chance to run away to get help, or if he can’t find them in tall grass of in a creek he has to leave you and the car behind.
  • If someone comes to your home and asks to use the phone, leave that person waiting outside while you make the call for them. Never let someone you don’t know into your house.

Good-hearted people are often the ones taken advantage of, robbed, stabbed, shot or now run over by people who may look like a person in distress but are really there to steal from you or harm you. Its OK to help other people, but you have to be smart about it and protect yourself while doing so. So sad that it has to be this way.