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Potential Wisconsin Environmental Companies

This will be the last Thanksgiving dinner that my nephew Jon will be attending in the near future. Jon is one of my favorite nephews. He is smart, easy on the eyes, well mannered and well rounded all just about all areas. He is also the only one of the nieces and nephews to attend college, and doing a bang up job there and is looking forward to working with one of the large Wisconsin environmental companies that he has taken a liking to.

Jon has always been interested in the environment. We have had many talks about his concerns with the way the world is being treated. I have always been into recycling at work as well as at home. It took a long time to convenience my manager to allow me to set up a recycling agreement with a local company that doesn’t charge a penny for coming and getting the discarded papers that have been sorted and placed into the proper containers. But when I can my teeth into something I don’t let go and my manager finally gave me the head’s up and everyone in the office is pleased with the agreement.

In my neighborhood the county provides us with recycling bins, so it doesn’t cost anything to have our house hold items to be recycled. All we need to do is sort the paper from the plastic, put them in the bins and have them ready to be picked up on Wednesday mornings to be taken away to the recycling center which is located right next to the dump. It just can’t get easier then that, right!

The Three R's

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse