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As you know I attend a weekly networking group in town that is designed for small business owners to network. At this morning’s meeting our guest speaker was all about Skin Care Products, which was actually pretty interesting.

She explained that when we get a pimple that it has actually been forming under the skin for over a week before actually appearing on your face, which I did not know and find fascinating. So in order to keep you skin pimple free you need to take on a daily regiment of skin care including several various cleansing products along with the Acne Products that they offer. Thank goodness I don’t deal with pimple issues much and don’t really need that type of skin care but I am concerned with Age Spots and she turned me onto a free sample of the age spots treatment that I can’t wait to start using to see if I see a difference or not.

I’m not getting any younger and I know that your facial is extremely important so I would like to find something that I can depend on and it would be great if this was exactly what I need for my Age Spots that I’m starting to notice much to my dismay.

The Gibson Flying V

The gibson flying v has an interesting history to tell. A story that I learned by looking around online at some various musical sites. This style of guitar went on the market in 1958 but made a major comeback in 1967 and has been kicking but in the music industry ever since.

I remember hearing about this Gibson Flying V back when I was a kid, but didn’t remember the details so finding the whole story today was pretty cool. Check out this sweet looking Gibson Flying V 120th Anniversary Electric Guitar Ebony that is going for a couple grand!

check it out

Gibson Flying V 120th Anniversary Electric Guitar Ebony


Reading Books

My Aunt and I have reconnected over the past year and I am learning how busy of a woman she really is. I was so upset with her years ago for never attending family functions or never spending time with me personally. When I was growing up she was my favorite Aunt in particular, and I grew very close to her during my childhood years.

Things changed when she started her new job as a travel attendant. She didn’t realize how bad it affected me until last year at our last family reunion, when I had brought it up during a conversation between us. During our time reconnecting and understanding what’s going on in each others lives, I found how her only way to get away from stress at work, is reading books.
Something that stuck in my mind was that she was stressing due to the fact that she simply has no room on board or at home for the books she had accumulated. A few days after the reunion, I searched the net to see if I could find an alternative that would not only help her problem with book storage but something that would also help her save money so she could afford to take some time off to come home and spend time with her loved ones.
In no time I came across a site that could do just that. becksbooks dot com is great site that offers eBooks that you can read from your PC, Mac, Tablet, or any other electronic reading device. I called my Aunt to tell her about the site I had found, and she had told me it was perfect for her needs.
Not too long after she sent me an email thanking me for telling her about the site. She downloaded the app on her tablet and is now reading any book she wants without any storage space to worry about for paperback books. I’m happy I could help my long time favorite Aunt in a way it can make her life less stressful, and help her save money to come visit more often.

TV Lifts and Consoles

Gone are the days that the only TV is located in the living room where the whole family gathered to watch whatever everyone else is watching. I remember how excited we (my siblings) were when our parents bought us each our own TV set that we were allowed to put in our bedrooms. They were only black and white TV sets, but that didn’t make a hill of beans to any of us. Now we only had to find a place in our rooms that we could plug-in these TVs as well as a place to set them on, where we could see the screen from our desks and/or our bed. With our rooms full of toys and other kid stuff, it was a challenge to find a place to put these large bulky TV sets, but we managed to figure it out with just a little bit of effort and moving things around to accommodate all the things that we had accumulated up to that point.

I say this because these days TVs are made so completely different now. They are so less bulky, many with flat screens, with many of them coming with the capability of being hung on a wall, conserving counter and shelf space for other things that have managed to collect and want to display instead of using for our TVs.

I have been looking at lcd tv lift cabinets that will help with our TV issues. Man I had no idea all the things that they have available these days. Not only can you hang your TV, but they have lifts, and consoles galore, which is cool, but now I have more options to consider that I didn’t even know existed. If you want to see some of the options that I’ve written about I would urge you to go to tvliftcabinet dot com and see all of the wonderful items that have out there to increase our TV viewing pleasure. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was.


TV Lift Cabinets Traditional