Out With The Old, In With The New

Our first really nice warm day and I was thrilled to throw open all the windows and doors and let the warm breeze flow through my house. Nice weather makes me want to spend the day outside. We have fixed up our backyard over the years to have a nice little vegetable garden and a shaded, secluded sanctuary area with a wicker chair and table so I can curl up and read.

We have a trampoline for the kids – they love to run outside and jump on it, almost every day that the weather is at least 70 degrees. It is great exercise for them, but they just think it is fun.

This weekend I want to get a start on deep cleaning the living room and dining room. With us burning so many fires this year, there is dust and soot all over everything. I want to shampoo the carpets and maybe even move the furniture around to different spots.

Of course with the coming of the warmer weather we will be holding a couple of yard sales to help get rid of the old unwanted stuff to make room for the new stuff that always seems to make its way into the all ready over flowing house and garage. As I do my spring cleaning I’ll be making various piles intended to go to different places. Some stuff I will be donating to Good Will, some stuff we will put online to sell and then there will be the yard sale pile.

I have a lot of old music that I will be going through to see what needs to stay and what needs to go. There are several places online that take your old music and give you cash for it. Much like the “gold for cash” places that are so popular now-a-days.

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