Planning My Garden

I don’t have room for a large garden anymore.  Back in the day, we had a large garden space where we grew tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, green peppers, and lettuce. Oh, and hot peppers.   I miss having a yard that size and all of those fresh vegetables.  I loved plucking a spring onion from the earth and eating it on the spot.

These days I only have a small patio so I am researching container gardening.  Last year I saw that Walmart has pre-planted tomato pots with small trellises already in them.  The containers seemed small to me though, I’m not sure how they would work later in the season when the plants get bigger.   I like to grow tomatoes, and a few onions and cilantro.  I call this a salsa garden!

I’d really  like to have a herb garden too, but perhaps I can grow herbs inside on my kitchen window ledge.  I’d like some fresh basil and oregano for cooking.  If I can’t grow them indoors, I guess they would all fit inside one pot outside.  My patio is visible to others, I don’t want it to look too out of control.

Messing with our body clock

A friend mentioned she had taken a new position and it requires her to work overnight.  She has never worked overnight before so we both did a little research about the physical aspects of changing to a night job.

Working overnight is counter to your natural circadian rhythm.  Your circadian clock is essentially a timer that lets various glands know when to release hormones and also controls mood, alertness and body temperature.  Overnight workers are more vulnerable to disease.  They may be sleepy,  grumpy, and  unable to concentrate as well as someone rested.

Some overnight workers develop a work sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness.  They may be more accident prone and less able to concentrate.

Research and experiments have been done to essentially reset some body clocks.  Imagine how hard this would be for someone that changes shifts frequently?  Also, think of the people that do work overnight.  Police and medical staff at hospitals come to mind first.  These are the very people we need to be most alert and capable of successfully performing their jobs.  It could be a surgeon performing a life saving operation at 3am.

It makes you appreciate the people that do go to work overnight each night to protect us or care for us.

An Exciting Ibanez Prestige

If only money grew on trees in the backyard. If I had more money around Christmas time I would love to purchase this ibanez prestige, check it out at that I stumbled upon today. My nephew has been wanting an electric guitar for the past couple of years for Christmas, this year I would love to see his dream come true.

One Sweet Looking Guitar

Ibanez RG752 Prestige RG Series 7 String Electric Guitar

Tilling Gone Sour Today

Spent a good two hours getting the garden ready to till and when I went to dig out the tiller that I put in one of the out buildings last fall I wasn’t happy to see that some how it had fallen over on its side. Of course all of the gas had trickled out of the tank throughout the last few months and it was a total mess.

It really sucked that I couldn’t get it cleaned up and filled up and started up today in order to finish what I had set out to do today. But it was getting late and I still had dinner to fix, so it looks like tomorrow will be the day that I hopefully get the garden tilled and ready for planting. It is all ready the first week of April for goodness sakes.

garden tilling

Tilling the Garden



Today’s Robotic Vocoder-ized Vocals

Spent some time online on the well known Guitar Center website the other night. I always find the coolest musical instruments and other music related products there that helps me get an idea of things that I can use for the numerous and never ending gifts that are needed to be given all year round.

I had never heard of “Auto-Tune” at first glance I assumed it was something that helped you tune your instrument but I quickly learned that it isn’t that at all. The first well known use of this Auto-Tune for vocals was when Cher belted out her famous song “Believe” which was recorded and released back in 1998. Something we would listen to on a record player much like the one you can find at

Check out this video from YouTube of Cher’s well received  song “Believe” where you can hear for yourself how this turns a “normal” voice sound like robotic vocoder-ized vocals which has become all the rage in the hip-hop and rap music that is so popular these days.

Man I just love YouTube!