Online Shopping, The Only Way Shop

It was just too convenient to locate and then purchase the much needed lag screws at, not to order it online  at Reid’s Supply instead of going all the way to the hardware store and try and find the darn things. This seems to be the best way to find and purchase items with the Internet and all that it has to offer.

This up and coming Christmas season I don’t plan on going to any stores, at all, none, zero, zelch, nada, no way at all for all the gifts that I will need to line up to keep everyone happy for another year. It will be totally online shopping all the way this year. There is nothing worse than going into the old fashioned brick and mortar stores with all the crazy people and grumpy sales clerks with their piped in Christmas music that plays the same Christmas songs over and over and over. So much so that I now could go through the whole holiday season without hearing all the Christmas music that is being blasted every where to turn for months.



A Fender Bassbreaker

A very good friend of mine is an inspiring musician and had begun traveling around the US to inspire others with his beautiful music. He recently was given an Eastwood H44 Airline guitar by his Mother last Christmas and is playing it every time I talk or see him. He had brought to one of our mutual friends attention that he is having a financial crisis due to being laid off by his last job a few months back.

Being me I always want to bring a big smile on someones face when they are having hard times, so I thought Id do some investigating on exactly what more he needs to start his musician career besides his new guitar. I had found out from his sister that he has been searching around for a new amp to connect his guitar to, because apparently the one he had was in bad condition and didn’t work half the time, like it was supposed to. I took a few days to search around for one, and came across the best amp that was within my budget at

I ordered it immediately, and my oh my – my friend was so surprised and so overwhelmed that he got an amp for his guitar. He had mentioned that he wanted this exact amp for quit some time now, just had a hard time gathering money up for it since he has no income. After some time of practicing more and more, he had what it took to become a Rockstar and started a band of his own. Today he is in LA, performing and inspiring many. I couldn’t be happier for him, and he constantly says he couldn’t have done it without the help of his Mother and I.

Joyce Myers on TV and YouTube

My mother watches Joyce Myers several times a day and has always wanted me to watch her as well which isn’t something that I’ve taken the time to do so up until I went up there with her a month ago. I have to admit that I like her style and the things that she talks about.

I’m not sure if she comes on and if so what time, but when I get back down to Tennessee I will certainly look her up and continue to watch and listen to this woman that is doing so much for so many people all over the world.

Change of Seasons

Well there goes all our plans for a day at the Lake today. I’m not going to try to swim and have a picnic lunch while everyone is shivering and complaining about being wet and cold. We’ll have to find something else fun to do today.

Maybe we’ll take the bicycles and go for a ride down to Nolensville. We can make Martin’s Barbecue our destination and pig out on his fantastic pit cooked whole hog barbecue. No on around here makes barbecue better than Martin, and that will hit the spot after a 15 mile bike ride.