Portable USB Battery Chargers

It was disturbing to hear that the smart phone that I pitched in with several other family members to give to my kid sister for her 16th birthday did not come with the portable USB battery charger that is needed for her to keep the darn thing charged at all times.

So I have consented to look around (online, of course) and see if I could price some portable USB battery chargers and make sure she gets hooked up with the right one and at an affordable price.

My kid sister is a full time college student trying to raise her two year old daughter own her own and really doesn’t have an extra dime available for purchases like this. This is when coming from a large and caring family certainly comes in handy, we try our best to tend to our own without keeping score, which so many families seem to fall into. I can’t imagine being the only child and not having so many people that truly care about you, through think and thin no matter what.

Today’s Robotic Vocoder-ized Vocals

Spent some time online on the well known Musicians friend website the other night. I always find the coolest musical instruments and other music related products there that helps me get an idea of things that I can use for the numerous and never ending gifts that are needed to be given all year round.

I had never heard of “Auto-Tune” at first glance I assumed it was something that helped you tune your instrument but I quickly learned that it isn’t that at all. The first well known use of this Auto-Tune for vocals was when Cher belted out her famous song “Believe” which was recorded and released back in 1998.

Check out this video from YouTube of Cher’s well received¬† song “Believe” where you can hear for yourself how this turns a “normal” voice sound like robotic vocoder-ized vocals which has become all the rage in the hip-hop and rap music that is so popular these days.

Man I just love YouTube!

Memories of Business Signs

Each time I drive through Front Royal I think about the friends that I had made back in the day when I used to live there. I wonder if they are still in the area, working or residing in and of course if they are still alive. The older I get the more people I seem to know and love are passing from this earth, which really bites but I’m guessing is normal.

I would really love to know if this one elderly couple that I used to know and love are still running their business signs company or if they have passed it on to one of their surviving relatives if they are no longer to run it for what ever reason. I think I could find the street that their store used to be located on but for some reason I just don’t feel comfortable actually tracking it down. Maybe I am some how scared to know the real answer. If something has happened to them I would be crushed, they were almost like my grandparents for so very long and hated it when I had to leave the area and never saw or heard from them again.

Wooden Swing Sets and Playgrounds

Since 2005 Backyard Playground has been building and selling the most wonderful custom built wooden swing sets in richmond virginia that I have had the pleasure to see and used. I have always had a great experience while dealing with these folks off and online.

When my daughter was much younger and we were looking for a quality playset for the backyard I was told to go and see what Backyard Playground had to offer. It didn’t take long to figure out that they had the best selection at the best price around.

Look at what they have featured online for this month’s selection. It is a Custom Playset with a Bridge from Deck, a 5×6 Playset with lot’s of extras that any kid would totally enjoy for many years.

This is a 5x6 Playset designed to work on pretty extensive slope

Richmond Custom Playset with Bridge from Deck


Mother’s Kitchen

It’s good to see that the enclume pot rack that I bought my mother several years ago was such a hit for her and her kitchen that I have been spending a good amount of time in this last week. My mother has always taken such pride in her cooking and now that she hasn’t been up to doing much of anything I have been trying to fill her shoes to the best of my ability and without dishonoring her along the way.

My mother’s kitchen has never been big enough to keep her happy so one year I decided to look at those enclume pot racks that are all the rage these days, so that she could hang up a good amount of her pots and pans on it and use her precious cabinets for other necessary things for today’s busy cooks in their kitchens. I was glad to find a good selection of enclume potracks online at that time and got them just in time to give to her for Christmas that year. She was so totally thrilled and made me very proud of my choice for that particular gift giving holiday.