TV/VCR Combo

Times sure have changed in the way we watch our movies. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that DVDs started invading the shelves at our local BlockBusters. I remember thinking that it was going to be such a drag to have to learn about these strange looking round DVDs and some day possibly switching over from the VHS that we all had become so comfortable with for so long. Now I can’t image life without all these wonderful DVDs and having to rely on the old VCRs that really were a pain in the rear in so many ways.

I remember last year we didn’t have cable or satellite for a few days, so I had to drag out my old TV that is a combo TV/VCR and scrounge up a few old VHS tapes to play at night. Sadly I can’t go to sleep at night without the TV on. Anyway, when the movie was over it made so much noise with it’s self-rewinding and then automatically ejecting when the process was over which woke me up with such a start! Of course then I had to get another tape, which had not been rewound – I swear I don’t remember it taking that long to rewind a 2 hour tape. Needless to say that I didn’t get much sleep those two long nights, but I’m very glad that I had held onto that TV/VCR combo and a boxful of random old VHS tapes.

I have a huge selection of DVDs at this point. I really need to go through them all and weed out a bunch of them before they start taking over the house. I sure there are dozens that wouldn’t be missed by anyone and I could probably get a couple bucks for each of them. I think I’ll start looking at websites that can help me sell them. I’m not into putting them on eBay or Craigslist, but I know there are websites that are available specifically for DVDs, CDs and Video Games and the like. I could use the money for new movies. I can’t wait for the new Super Man to come out on DVD. I went and saw it at the theater over the weekend and it was awesome. In a few months I’ll be able to add it to my Super Man DVD collection.

combo is great

Panasonic PV-M2059 20″ 2-Head TV/VCR FM RADIO Combo

A New Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum

Dark circles under the eyes have run in the family (on my late mother’s side) for generations. I remember my mother constantly seeking advice on how to reduce this problem and she was always on the look out for new products that claimed to do the trick.

I gave up years ago trying to find the secret to this sensitive issue. Although there are always new products on the market but I have gotten pretty good at wearing the right type of concealer when I bother to wear make-up. But there are a good amount days that I don’t want to go that route, but I feel pressured to so that my dark circles under the eyes doesn’t look as bad. I have gotten very sensitive about the whole ordeal and it doesn’t look like this will be going away anytime soon.

save me from my face

Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum

My sister has been dealing with this problem all her life as well. She swears that this Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum has worked better than all the products that have ended up in a forgotten drawer or closet, most likely the majority of them went straight into the trash cans. She so firmly believes in this serum that she is ordering me a bottle online with her own money. This isn’t something that happens very often, my sister is well known for being a tight-wad and is always claiming that she is right around the corner from having to apply for Food Stamps and any other type of public assistance that she can find. We all know better and we all roll our eyes when she starts complaining.

I sure hope she is right, for my sake and for hers!

Entirely Pets for Halloween

This time of the year there much to do around the yard, the house and all of the critters. I always look for an unusual pet Halloween costumes to dress our 3 year old male Pug in for the various times that we are out and about around this time of the year with him as well as Halloween.

Not only do they carry some pretty great costumes, they carry all types of other products for just about any type of critter that you have. Even some of the reptiles that some people enjoy owning and having in their home. Not me, no way, no how. I’m not even all that crazy about fish.

pug dog costume

Our Pug Would Look In This Costume!

What Kind of Frames do Energy Efficient Windows Come With?

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more energy-efficient – and save yourself a ton of money in utility bills at the same time – consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient models.

While new home construction typically involves the installation of these more innovative windows, older homes that still feature the original windows most certainly lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer – resulting in wasted energy and money.

But what exactly is it about these cost effective windows that makes them energy efficient? And what types of frames do they use?

There are a number of energy-efficient windows that come in a variety of framing materials, including the following.

Fiberglass – These frames are strong, low maintenance, and offer good insulation. They can be hollow or filled with foam insulation.

Vinyl – These frames offer excellent thermal insulation, and certain sections may be hollow or filled with foam insulation.

Aluminum – These frames typically have at least 15% of recycled materials, with a design that includes thermal breaks to lower the loss of conductive heat through the aluminum.

Composite – These frames are constructed out of a number of different materials that have been combined to create strong, well-insulated windows.

Equipping your home with energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to minimize energy loss in your home and drastically lower your monthly utility bills!

energy savings

cost effective windows


When the Orkin man arrived this morning I made sure to tell him that not only are we having issues with spiders but with mice as well. Since our cat passed away shortly after last Christmas we have seen an increase in mice droppings and I want to be able to nip this mouse issue right in the bud.

So now there are several mice traps located strategically around the house and I have to make sure that the dog and cat don’t get into them. What a pain. Has the perfect mouse trap ever been built yet?

This picture indicates that’s it’s a “Better Mouse Trap” not sure if it is the perfect one though. I couldn’t believe all of the photos that came up when I Google “image of the perfect mouse trap”!

better, but not perfect

Better Mouse Trap