Recording Hardware

I’ve been encouraged by my sister-in-law to look into the mac recording hardware that she sent a link to at musician’s friend that is on the market these days. We are desperate to find the perfect gift for my niece for her high school graduation gift for this up and coming big event that the whole family is looking forward to in May 2017.

Since they live so far away from me I really don’t know him very well and was really struggling to find something that he would really appreciate and enjoy from me. Luckily my sister-in-law sent me the perfect link to where I could find this product online since I have no clue when it comes to audio interface and that all technical stuff available today.
Once again, thank goodness for the Internet it certainly helped save my butt this time around. I will have this in the bag in plenty of time. Now I need to start focusing more on Christmas!

Breakfast For Dinner

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, breakfast for dinner is just fine. I mean breakfast is generally the easiest meal to cook and sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to fix a regular meat and potatoes dinner and I really enjoy breakfast foods but don’t generally cook or eat breakfast. So it is a real treat all the way around for all concerned.

Next time I make bacon and eggs whether it is for dinner or breakfast I will make sure to turn the food into a smiley face much like the photo below. My daughter possibly will get a kick out of that and she might even give up a smile of her own at the table, which we don’t always get to witness these days.



There Is No Arizona

A country song called “There is no Arizona” was one of the most clever lyrics to talk about heartbreak and longing. I haven’t heard it on the radio for a long time, probably 8 or 9 years. But it sticks in my mind and I often think about Arizona.

I used to want to live there and even flew out there for a job interview with the CEO of new franchise organization. But I just didn’t get the warm fuzzy feeling about Phoenix that made me want to move out there. It is a beautiful city, but not where I want to live if I have a choice.

Fender Super Champ Guitar Amp

A very good friend of mine is an inspiring musician and had begun traveling around the US to inspire others with his beautiful music. He recently was given an Eastwood H44 Airline guitar by his Mother last Christmas and is playing it every time I talk or see him. He had brought to one of our mutual friends attention that he is having a financial crisis due to being laid off by his last job a few months back.

Being me I always want to bring a big smile on someones face when they are having hard times, so I thought Id do some investigating on exactly what more he needs to start his musician career besides his new guitar. I had found out from his sister that he has been searching around for a new amp to connect his guitar to, because apparently the one he had was in bad condition and didn’t work half the time, like it was supposed to. I took a few days to search around for one, and came across the best fender super champ xd that was within my budget at Guitar Center.

Super Champ

Fender Super Champ XD Guitar Combo Amp Blonde

I ordered it immediately, and my oh my – my friend was so surprised and so overwhelmed that he got an amp for his guitar. He had mentioned that he wanted this exact amp for quit some time now, just had a hard time gathering money up for it since he has no income. After some time of practicing more and more, he had what it took to become a Rockstar and started a band of his own. Today he is in LA, performing and inspiring many. I couldn’t be happier for him, and he constantly says he couldn’t have done it without the help of his Mother and I.

My Starcracks Dealer

For a long time I only ordered one thing from Starbucks and only went there about once a week. I knew that I liked that one flavor and didn’t see any reason to risk $5 on a drink that I wouldn’t like. But after a while I found myself looking forward to going to Starbucks every day and started getting bored with the same old drink. So I took a chance and was surprised that I liked it. But I should not be going so often and I can’t help it.

There is no other place that tastes like Starbucks.

Love My Starbucks

Starbucks Fan