Focusing On The Positive

It looks like I will be able to bring my mother home from the hospital tomorrow, if everything looks in order by then. They have found that she has an infection in her blood and her liver so they have been feeding her large amounts of antibiotics through her IV as long as numerous bags of fluids to keep her from getting dehydrated again.

Her skin does have a yellowish tint to it which they say is due to the infection in her liver. She seems to be feeling better but is grumpy as all get out. We have had some interesting conversations during her hospital stay and most of the hospital staff has been friendly and have done a good job.

Of course there are several that have messed up along the way which scares the heck out of us but we try not to focus on the negative and try to stay focused on the positive. The positive is that she is getting better and that her insurance is footing the bill for the whole experience.

2016 Presidential Election Ballots

Even though the presidential elections will not be held for well over a year from now, there is a lot going on in order to provide the citizens of the U.S.A. with as much information as they can possibly put out.

I normally don’t pay much attention this early in the process. There are so many choices that I can’t possibly make an informed and educated decision until they whittle away some of the candidates. Right now it isn’t looking good for Hillary Clinton, according to many polls she isn’t even close to being the front runner for the Democratic party. While Donald Trump is still in the lead for the Republicans. Who would have ever thought that Donald Trump would be running for President?

I do enjoy keeping an eye out on many of the polls that are busy as ever. One of my favorite websites that keep their readers updated with what people are thinking and saying is I feel comfortable in that they are giving us real results and I like that it only takes less then 30 seconds to send in my vote on the many questions that are being asked about all the candidates and that I can see the results in real time.

Digital Advertising

Is your mailbox crammed full of mail order catalogs this up and coming Christmas season like mine is? It has been unbelievable how many off the wall subjects and wacky products are covered in mail order catalogs. I received dozens of catalogs pimping everything from message stones to bird feeders to health food supplements to plus sized lingerie.

After a little digging, I found out that when you do buy something from a catalog, the transaction is reported to a company called “Abacus,” which is owned by DoubleClick Digital Advertising – and if you surf the internet you KNOW who these guys are! They sell, rent, and pretty much whore your personal information to other catalog companies and junk mail publishers based on what you just ordered from any of their other catalog companies. Your name and address and the fact that you’ve bought from a catalog is worth money to these guys and you get put on their sucker list for a very long time. We can all stop getting these junk mail catalogs by sending an email to the “Abacus Catalog Alliance” at this address: Tell these guys, in no uncertain terms, that you want off their lists and never want to hear from them again.

Make sure the email includes your first, middle, and last name and the same for anyone else in your household who receives mail in names other than yours, include your current address, and if you’ve moved in the past year, include your previous address, too. This will stop the catalog madness and save a lot of trees, too.

The Great Vast Lands of Canada

One place that I really want to see before I die is the great vast lands of Canada. I almost got the chance to go a few years ago with a friend, but right before we were supposed to leave she came down with the flu and we had to cancel the whole kit and caboodle at the last minute. We were both totally disappointing and promised that we would give it another try soon, but that hasn’t happens and I doubt it ever will.

I have always been fascinated with Canada and I find myself, while online, looking at various website pertaining to Canada. I love looking at the Calgary real estate sites and am please to see that the cost of houses way up there aren’t as high priced as I would have imagined.

I would love to go up there and find the best Calgary real estate agents available and take a few days taking a look at all that they have to offer. It’s never too late to make a dream come true and the fact that I took French instead of Spanish, like most of my friends, would certainly come in handy if and when I find myself up there. Stranger things have been known to happen, especially when it comes to me and mine.

Just How Comfortable Are You In Your Bra?

How comfortable are you in your bra? This may seem like a funny question but you would probably be surprised with how many women are walking around in undergarments that are not the right size for them. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-sized woman or if you wear petite lingerie, there are going to be choices that are available for you which will be comfortable, even when you have to wear it throughout the day.

One of the most important things for you to consider when choosing a bra is being fitted properly. Women who are smaller and need a 32a or 34a bra need to be fitted, just as a woman who is larger busted. If you tend to have difficulties with the bra strap being a little bit too tight or if the shoulder straps tend to fall off of your shoulders regularly, that is usually a good sign that you are wearing the wrong size (Source: Lula Lu petite lingerie). Even if you are wearing the right size, those issues could occur if they bra is not adjusted properly. You should also try on a variety of bras, even after you have been fitted. You will find that the fit differs from one to another.

Although you may change clothes every day or perhaps even throughout the day, your undergarments are something that you are going to wear on a continual basis. Make sure that you choose them properly so that they are not only comfortable, they are going to provide you with the perfect fit which will help you to look your best.