Pictures Are Worth More Than Words

Speaking of shopping. I just thought it was cute and right on topic. Can’t get much easier than this unless you shop online. That’s a whole different process. Times are certainly changing!

pics instead of words

It’s A Process

Inventory Deals at Guitar Center

This is the time of the year to get the best prices on most retail items. Unfortunately this is also the time of year that most people don’t have a lot of money on hand due to all of the expenses that go along with the holiday season(s) which are finally over.

Stores are preparing for the huge undertaking of taking Inventory of their products, which is made a lot easier when the stock that they have to count is as small as possible. Hence there is a ton of price slashing going on to reduce the numbers, as well as making more space for the new products that are being rolled out to the consumers that want the newest products as soon as possible.

With that said I always make sure that I have some cash on hand in order to take advantage of some of the great savings that are out there, just screaming out to me to buy something for myself. Lately gift cards have become a popular gift to receive, which works just as well as cash for anything that I like. This last Christmas when all was said and done, I had a grand total $185 in just VISA gift cards! That’s pretty cool since 99.9% of places that I purchase from have no problem accepting a VISA gift card.

This week-end I plan on spending some time looking for the best deals online. The guitar center atlanta has all ready caught my attention with their Atlanta Inventory which is being showcased on the popular Guitar Center website. I don’t want to wait too much longer because it really sucks to find a great deal, fill out the order form completely, to only get a message informing you that there are none left! I hate it when that happens. Just like most things in life, it’s all in the timing.

inventory in atlanta

Guitar Center


Movie theaters mean exciting new movies on a big screen and popcorn. I look forward to movies, but if we don’t buy popcorn to eat while we watch the movie, half the fun is gone from the experience. And eating popcorn at home is not the same. I don’t care of the popcorn says movie theater butter” on it, the popcorn never tastes like the real thing.

two plus two equals fun

Lifetime Partners

Comfortable Church Seating

When my sister told me that she was put in charge of finding new chairs for their church I really thought she was talking about, what they are now apparently calling the old-fashioned pews, that I thought were still be using in the majority of churches these days. I mean that tells you how long it has been since I have been in a church for me not to even begin to imagine a church with seating other than the traditional, no padding or cushions, straight-backed, and they are certainly not the most comfortable wooden pews to have to sit on for an extended period of time.

I have been to a few weddings but they have been either outside or at some other facility rather than a church, so I can’t even wrap my mind around the last time I was inside a church. I tend to my spiritual needs and wants in my own way, but I know that my sister and her husband are getting very involved with the church down where they live and I think it is great. They need to meet people in their new community, so volunteering to help find affordable church seating on her part is a smart move to help get involved.

church seating

Church Seating

So the whole point of this story is how surprised I was when she sent me this photo along with the link to the website that she was seriously considering submitting to the committee that meets next week. The chairs look like office chairs to me, but apparently that is what they are looking for. They look comfortable to me, anything must be better than a traditional wooden pew.

Good Luck With Your meeting next week sis! I think you did good. The next thing we should tackle is checking out table linens for sale premier table linens. The new year brings many needs and wants for so many of us.

A Monkish Cat

Just had to share this cat video that we found earlier today on YouTube while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. We are both cat lovers as well as avid fans of the hit TV show Monk that went off the air a few years back to the dismay of all of the Monk fans everywhere!

Anyway this hop scotch playing cat reminded us both of Monk which made the whole thing even funnier. I’m gonna miss my BFF come tomorrow afternoon when she has to hit the road back home again. It’s been such a hoot all the way around!