Web Hosting Is Turning Green

We all know how it is all the rage about being as “Green” as you can these days. I’m glad to say that I grew up with such wonderful parents that instilled a huge sense of commitment to our Mother Earth as far back as I can remember. My parents were hard-core hippies that never really grew out of it. This made it a pretty cool environment for us kids to grew up in, I can tell you that!

Recently I have been doing a bit of research online trying to find the best web hosting company that is all about being “Green” I was surprised to find that there are several out there. iPage, GreenGeeks, FatCow, SuperGreen and HostGator are some of the better known ones.

I am going to pass the word around to family and friends via email and Facebook of course to see if I can convince some of them to change to some of these Green webhostings. It shouldn’t be too difficult, people are turning to these types of concepts, I’m happy to say. There is a lot more to going “Green” then just recycling your trash each week, even though that is a great way to start!

Ways to Help Decrease Your Energy Bills

As the cost of energy has continued to increase in recent decades, people are starting to seriously examine their own usage and consumption. Decreasing your energy consumption will go a long way in saving you money, as well as helping reduce damage done to the environment. There are several ways to decrease your energy bills. The first and best way to decrease your bills is to determine how energy is being used, lost and correcting any issues.

It can be difficult to understand where your energy is being lost, and how it is being used. However, if you have a number of different electronic appliances that are always on, that is a good place to start. Make a habit of turning off, and even unplugging, any electronic appliances that are not in use.

One of the biggest causes of energy loss is when the heat or air conditioning is lost by improper windows. The right windows can actually help keep your temperature inside consistent when the temperature outside starts to waver. If you believe you are losing energy to outside sources, consider finding Chicago window replacement windows that are specifically designed to help keep energy in your home.

You may find out that your doors and windows are actually one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home. This is perhaps one of the most common losses of energy throughout most homes in the world.

Saving energy is not rocket science. You simply need to identify areas that are causing an unnecessary expenditure of energy in your home and correct them. Begin by turning off unused electronic appliances and purchasing upgraded doors and windows.

Another very important thing to consider is having your HVAC installation of a brand and affordable new system with an ongoing maintenance contract with a qualified heating and a/c company such as the Crystal air conditioning repair in Tampa FL is known for their extraordinary customer service, all the while using the best quality products available while going the extra mile to find the most cost–effective HVAC system for your home comfort needs. A free quote from Crystal heating and a/c is available and let’s face it, a totally free quote is always a good way to go before investing your hard earned money in a major purchase such as this.

I remember back in my early twenties I worked at a well known plumbing and heating company in the Call Center in Phoenix Arizona. That was one of the hardest jobs I have had considering the phones just never stopped ringing and they were always short handed. However I also learned how to deal with customers on the telephone and I learned a whole lot about plumbing, heating and air conditioning. The main thing that I remember learning is that if you take care of your systems, with a good cleaning at least once a year, that they can last you a good long while.

If you provide regular maintenance on all of your home’s various systems, from the basement all the way up to the basement is always a great option. There is never a good time for something to break down, but there are always worse times. I remember spending one Christmas literally around the fireplace. The furnace had broke down and it was one of those Christmas’s that the temperature was way low. It was a pain in the rear, but we made the best of it and actually that is one Christmas that we will never forget and forever tell stories about.

There are a lot of different plumbing, heating, a/c and electrical repairs companies roaming around out there. Using some common sense, doing your research, ask around and of course there is always Angie’s List that can be used as a good reference tool.

Baby Steps Are In Order Here

It was really worth the time that it took to talk with my mother on the phone with one hand while asking her questions and typing on my laptop with the other hand in order to find the best cheap Richmond car insurance for and my father to switch over to. I think I have found a good policy that will save them over $400 a year on their auto insurance.

My mom is still not quite back to her usual self since she had so many medical emergencies and issues over the course of the summer. I really hate that we couldn’t stay up there with them for a longer period of time. But I’m being reassured by my brother and a few other close relatives that they are over there as much as humanly possible, taking care of things and that I should stop worrying so much.

When I was up there over the summer we were discussing ways for them to cut back on some of their monthly bills and one suggestion that I had was to look for a better deal on their insurance policies. Of course they didn’t want to leave their insurance agent that they have been using for decades, they felt obligated to him for all of his hard work for so long. I didn’t want to push the issue at that time, but was relieved when I got a call from mom saying that they had talked it over and decided to have me help them find cheap auto insurance in VA for them after all.

So now that we have that taken care of their auto insurance I want to see what we can do about their home owners insurance. But I’ll take it slow, baby steps are in order right now.


Arlington Takes a Joke

Found a funny rap about my hometown. It is Yuppieville, all the way. Funny lines and the ending is the best. It cracked me up. I just had to send it to my former school mates that I have found on Facebook, I’m sure that they will enjoy it as well. Mom and Dad got a real charge out of it as well!

Apartment Mailboxes In Dire Straights

It seems to me that the landlord of the apartment buildings that are located right behind my house, would make sure that his tenants would have good working CBU Mailboxes that would keep their personal mail safe. It really bothers me to see these Cluster Mailboxes that are all broken or completely missing leaving these people at such a high risk for Identity Theft which just isn’t cool. People live in apartments to keep away from the cost of building a house and then everything it takes to keep it maintained year after year. A good and honest  building cost estimator can make or break a person when they are in this position. But that is a subject for another time on another blog post in the near future.

I am thinking of writing a letter to the landlord and the property management company and tell them that this is an issue that needs to be resolved and if it isn’t than I am willing to go straight to the Post Master General at our Post Office and file a complain on the conditions of these poor excuse for Apartment Mailboxes that needed to be fixed or replaced and the sooner the better.

apartment mailbox

Apartment Cluster Mailbox