Mother’s Kitchen

It’s good to see that the enclume pot rack that I bought my mother several years ago was such a hit for her and her kitchen that I have been spending a good amount of time in this last week. My mother has always taken such pride in her cooking and now that she hasn’t been up to doing much of anything I have been trying to fill her shoes to the best of my ability and without dishonoring her along the way.

My mother’s kitchen has never been big enough to keep her happy so one year I decided to look at those enclume pot racks that are all the rage these days, so that she could hang up a good amount of her pots and pans on it and use her precious cabinets for other necessary things for today’s busy cooks in their kitchens. I was glad to find a good selection of enclume potracks online at that time and got them just in time to give to her for Christmas that year. She was so totally thrilled and made me very proud of my choice for that particular gift giving holiday.

Looking At Guitars For Next Christmas

My daughter has always been interested in learning how to play the guitar and has just let it be known that she is expecting a guitar to be under this year’s Christmas tree. I swear it is the first time I’ve heard that and now I am spending some time looking a various guitars online, which is becoming a real challenge since I know nothing about guitars and had no idea that there were so many out there on the market now.

This should be interesting. Maybe I’ll end up getting her a gift card and let her pick out her own after Christmas when prices are normally much cheaper anyway. That way she will get exactly what she wants, as long as it doesn’t break the bank. Thankfully Christmas isn’t due to arrive for another 6 months. So I’ve got plenty of time.

Memories of Boston Massachusetts

Back in the early part of this new century, my girlfriend’s parents invited me to come along with them to visit some relatives that just moved into one of the newly opened up Boston Luxury Real Estate condos, in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. It was a long drive up there jammed in the back seat with my friend and her mother while her dad and uncle sat up in the front of that big old Cadillac smoking two of the biggest, longest and smelliest cigars that I have ever had the misfortune of having to smell. All in a closed vehicle without even a vent opened or a window cracked for the whole 7 hour drive up there.

I was so grateful that they didn’t repeat the cigar smoking ritual on the return trip back home from this otherwise wonderful week long adventure with their lovely family. They must have had a great Luxury real estate broker in Boston to come onto this awesome luxury Millennium Tower Boston that I will always remember fondly when ever I think of Boston.

I would love to take a tour of some of these places that I am hearing so much about and seeing online as well. I recently discovered a really interesting and enlightening Boston Real Estate Blog that has peaked my interest in that area once again.It’s too bad that Massachusetts isn’t a quick hop, skip and a jump from here so that we could take a nice Sunday drive around the new, as well as the old neighborhoods, like my parents would do with us, back in the day when you could afford gas and you felt like you had all the time in the world to do such a thing.

Good Vibrations

Every time I see the commercial for the flex belt on TV I can’t help but remember the exercise equipment that was so popular back in the 50′s and 60′s that you stood on and placed a belt around your waist. When you turned the machine on it would vibrate/shake and ultimately shed pounds off of your tummy and behind. I really wish I could remember what they called that piece of exercise equipment, it is bugging the heck out of me. I’ve asked my Mom and Dad, called my sister and texted four other people that were around back then. They all remember what I am talking about but no one can remember what it is/was called.

I was complaining to my teenaged daughter that I couldn’t find the name of this particular devise. I explained what it looked like and what it was used for and in just 5 minutes she came into the room that we are sharing during our stay at my folks and told me that she had found the item in question and that it was called a vibrating belt exercise machine! Leave it to today’s kids to use the Internet for all that it is worth!

Anyone out there remember this popular piece of exercise equipment from the past?

vibrating belt

vibrating belt

Neighbors Come and Go

Since my laptop is on my desk that gives me a first hand look at my neighbor’s house, while I was looking how to get a fast cash loan via Internet I couldn’t help but notice that there has been so much activity at a neighbor’s house lately. So much so that I just had to stop by there today and check it out. Back in November, the young couple that has been living there ever since I’ve lived in my own house suddenly parked a U-Haul truck in the driveway and the next day they were gone. I was dismayed – they are/were good people and although we didn’t get together much, I liked them.

The very next weekend a U-Haul pulled into the driveway and another family moved into the house – an older couple with 4 kids. Yuck. There aren’t many kids in our neighborhood and I wasn’t happy with the thought of the noise from 4 kids playing outside. But then they moved out a couple of weeks ago. This time there was no U-Haul – they did it all with pickup trucks and a flatbed utility trailer and they did it on a Wednesday, not even the first or last of the month. I thought that was very strange and it turns out that they pulled a “midnight move.” No one knows where they went.

So now my neighbors are in the process of renovating their house to put it up for sale. They had tried renting it out but that didn’t work out so well. So now they want to sell it. Even in this economic downturn and horrible housing market, there are people who need to move and people who know how to get get a loan on a decent, well priced house. But if you want to sell, the house has to sparkle and be in perfect condition.


Fast Cash Loans

Since their tenants bolted, they are working hard on fixing up the house, top to bottom. By top, I mean they are replacing all the lighting in the whole house. I have never paid much attention to light fixtures, but now that I see what my neighbors are doing to spiff up their house, I can appreciate what nice lighting can do for a home. Although their house has a floor plan similar to mine, their kitchen has a different layout. Mine is a galley kitchen and theirs is a u-shaped with a large kitchen island. They put in a nice island light and a coordinating chandelier in the dining room, so it all ties in nicely together.

I pray that the people that end up buying the place and that eventually move in are good, kind and decent people. It doesn’t matter at this point if they have kids or not. It really makes a difference if you can have a good relationship with a neighbor. Having a bad neighbor can really make your life stressful and very difficult. Been there, done that and don’t want to go there again.