Thirteen Years Ago Today

Thirteen Years Ago Today

Remembering and Honoring Victims of 9-11

Kicking Back In Carey N.C.

For those that know me well, know that I love living in the great state of Virginia, but my heart will always belong in cary nc. I did spend most of my early childhood there and now that my folks have moved back down there I find myself losing interest in everything that I always enjoyed living here. And I can’t help thinking about the day that I will return to my birthplace in North Carolina.

My daughter on the other hand isn’t happy with the thought of up and moving so far away from everything and everyone that she has learned to love. Just the thought of leaving here gets her all anxious. With that said I guess I will have to just wait it out a few more years, waiting for her to finish with school and then seriously entertain the thought of heading south once again.

relaxing in the south

Kicking Back In My Home State in NC

Upcycled Flip Flops

Found this on Facebook today and I just fell in love with the idea. I have a box of old flip flops that I’m thinking of putting some color onto and use them for just this purpose. Amazing the things that we find on Facebook other than just old friends, family and co workers.



Online Bargains With Dad

Overstock specials are one of the best ways to find the most awesome bargains. When my dad asked me to take a look online with him at one of his favorite websites buyheatshrink’s label printers. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed when he goes online, even though he has done really well for someone his age that never dreamed of using any type of computer in their lifetime. At first is was a bit of a struggle to get him to even sit down and turn the darned desktop that we used to have in the den back in the early days. But after a few times and me digging my heels in a few times he got pretty good at it and would spend several hours a day at the computer. Emails were a big to-do at first, what a great way to communicate with friends and family and share photos back and forth at just a few clicks of a mouse. He has drawn the line with Facebook though. He refuses to even consider looking at anyone’s Facebook walls. Nor will he text on his cell phone. I guess I should just back off, help him when I can and consider myself to be very blessed that I even have my father around at all.

Free WiFi

It is getting to the point where I am tempted to write a letter (well actually it will most likely be an email) to the head guy of McDonald’s concerning the lack of safe electrical plugs at their restuarants that offer free WiFi. Every single McDonald’s that I have brought my laptop into to use while I’m eating, the outlets are up in the ceiling which are too high to reach unless you stand on one of the chairs or seats.

Yesterday I went into the McDonald’s on the other side of town, one that I hadn’t been in for over 9 years since there are other ones closer to my parent’s house. I was irritated to see that their outlets were in the ceiling as well and really ticked off to find that not only did I have to stand on the seat but needed to step up onto the table as well. Now I’m not a short person, last time I was measured I stood 5’7″, so there is no good reasonable reason for someone to have to climb onto the table that you are planning on dining on. And the possiblity of falling and getting injured because of this nonsense is just blowing my mind. I mean McDonald’s has all ready been sued enough for stupidity on both sides don’t you agree?