This Didn’t Have To Happen

It wasn’t a good way to start the day by getting a phone call from a neighbor informing me of another neighbor’s death last night. He had a heart attack and the ambulance didn’t get there in time, due to the fact that his house number sign wasn’t able to be read and caused the emergency vehicle to take more time than it should have to get to him in time.

I do believe that this will be a wake up call for folks that hear this story and will prompt them to make sure that their house number sign is visible so something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Buying Guides Online

Everything that you need to know in order to select the correct Les Paul Guitar you can read here at the website of Musicians Friend. I have learned to do as much research as possible about any type of purchase I make. No matter how big or how small. Even with tax time right around the corner, knowing that I will get a decent tax refund from Uncle Sam soon, I am still needing to watch every penny, whenever possible.

I have become real good at using coupons at the grocery stores that I frequent. With more and more of my shopping done online it is good to know how to find the best online deals possible. A buying guide is always a good idea to use when ever suitable.

One day I will own my own Les Paul guitar. It may not be as soon as I would like but I will!

custom gibson les paul

Les Paul

An Honest Welcome Mat

If I could find this welcome mat in the store I would buy it. I would just leave it out on the front porch every day. Especially for those “friends” and family who stop by the house without calling first. Sometimes I would like the chance to say, “no, this is not a convenient time for me to have visitors.”

welcome mat

welcome mat

It’s Cold Out, I’m Dreaming of Spring Break

When it is this cold outside, my thoughts turn to spring break and our annual Destin vacation. The school calendar is always generous with their days off school at Easter, so we take advantage of the school break and the whole family goes away for the week. Destin is the best of the Florida Panhandle beaches. The sand is sugar white and the waves are usually gentle enough for the kids to play in the surf without getting knocked around too much. At the Destin beaches, the water is shallow for a good ways from shore, which is another safety feature for families with children.

When we first started going to Destin we would try to find a nice hotel on the beach. But we discovered that families are much better off renting a beach house or a nice condo. The houses are very nice, with all the furnishings and amenities that you need to feel at home for the week at the beach. They have several TVs, linens; full-sized kitchens, washer and dryers, barbecue grills, and the bedrooms are set up for a variety of sleeping arrangements to maximize how many people can comfortably sleep in the house. We use the vacation web site to find a rental house when the whole family is going, and sometimes over the summer we have a chance to get away as a couple and we’ll use the site to find a smaller condo on the beach.

condo on the beach

A Piece Of Heaven


Today’s Technology for Communicating

My two older sisters are trying to start their own company and want me to join in with them since it has a lot to do with computers, websites and blogging. I have to be honest, it sounds like a wonderful idea and lord knows I could use some extra money these days, but I’ve always been told not to go into business with family. My sisters and I have always gotten along fairly well since we have all grown up and left our parents house, but still we are sisters.

I have consented to look over their website and read their proposals for now, but I have a lot of questions and concerns and I’m not sure which sister I should confront with them. They are exact opposites and I have to be careful what I say to either one of them, which I guess is typical with family members. It is too bad that we all live so far away from each other and have to rely on cell phones, texts, emails, Instant Messaging and lately Facebook. I do so much better face to face.

I am trying to convince them to check out the coupons and savings from vistaprint that I have heard so much about from other people looking for business cards to help pass out and get the word out for their businesses, so I’ve sent them both the link to vistaprint for them to visit and see if what they have to offer would benefit them/us in anyway. You just can’t beat their prices and I’ve seen many of their products from other folks that have used them and I’ve been impressed with the quality that they have received.

I should be seeing both of them tomorrow, for a short time, but I hate to talk about business in front of the other family members that will be attending. Our family is very opinionated and I’m just not in the mood for a bunch of drama on a day that is supposed to be all about our mother. Maybe when dinner is over and we all go outside for our after dinner cigarette I can get a few words in that I really want to say face to face. If not I guess we will just have to keep communicating with all of today’s technology that we have been relying on for the past couple of years.